Student communicating with female staff member through assistive technology
A male student communicating via sign language to a female staff member
Dog guiding a visually impaired student

Technology Tools for Accommodations

Livescribe Pen with Recordable Stickers

The Livescribe Pen can be used in conjunction with recordable stickers to read small portions of text, such as test questions.  This tool is particularly useful for creating accessible Science, Technology, Art, Engineering and Math (STEAM) content where symbols are used and additional information needs to be provided.   Stickers are recorded and placed on the printed test document.  A printed copy of the test is given to the student to record their answers after listening to the recording.  The Livescribe Pen can also be used during lectures to record information for later review.

Kurzweil 3000

Text files (Word and PDF) are uploaded into Kurzweil 3000 software for reading text and providing supports for writing.  Students with accommodation plans are provided a user name and password for use in reading material using text to speech.  Kurzweil also offers an Image Reader that can be used to read locked text, such as text in a web page or Learning Management Page.  A variety of different voices, including Spanish, are available that can be customized for individual reading speed as well as pitch.  Kurzweil is available on any campus computer in an Open Lab, ERC or Testing Center.  A log in user name and password is required.

PIAF (Picture in a Flash)

The Picture in a Flash printer uses specific paper to create raised images.  A copy of the image is placed onto the heat sensitive paper, and then placed through the PIAF. Additional information can be added to the raised image, using special markers.  The image can be modified by placing the modified raised image repeatedly through the PIAF.

3Doodler Pen

The 3Doodler Pen uses two different types of plastics and serves as a "mini" 3d printer. 

MathType and MathPlayer

Software for creating equations without having to code them using Math Markup Language (MathML).  Equations can be copied into Word.

The latest version of MathPlayer adds the ability to speak equations in correct mathematical terms to the Word ribbon.   MathType must be installed on the computer in order to allow MathPlayer to function.


An open source software program for recording files that can be saved as an mp3 file for listening.  This works well for documents that have multiple instances of scientific symbols.