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Using the Equation Editor in D2L

Creating Accessible Math Equations

D2L’s equation editor is free, easy to use, and saves output as MathML, which is screen reader-accessible.

We recommend creating equations within the equation editor whenever possible using its intuitive graphical interface.

Locate the HTML Editor pane in D2L by selecting the Edit HTML button.  It has a pencil icon on it.  It will be located next to the Send to Binder button.

A toolbar will appear at the top of the content.  There will be a ∑ Sigma character on the right side of the toolbar.   It has a label of Graphic Equation.  Select the drop down menu for graphical equation to open the tools for selecting symbolic characters to write the equation.  Click Insert to place the equation into the D2L document.

The equation will be placed into the document and will appear as a box with a Sigma character in the middle of the box.

Please note that the Equation Editor is not available for students in D2L. Because of this, there is no way for students to show their work on a D2L assessment. If you require students to show their work, consider another alternative solution.