Student communicating with female staff member through assistive technology
A male student communicating via sign language to a female staff member
Dog guiding a visually impaired student

Web Accessibility

Testing Tools

Web Accessibility Tests can be complete using software or online sites to help determine if web content meets WCAG 2.0 A and AA Guidelines.

What can the tools do?

Reduce the time and effort required to evaluate web sites for accessibility 

Assist developers in repairing potential barriers and improve the overall quality of the web site 

Determine conformance and additional areas to test manually 

What can the tools not do?

Some checks require manual testing with screen reading software to determine true accessibility

Some evaluation tools may offer false or misleading results

Considerations for selection of tools

At the early design stage

At the implementation stage

Depending on the complexity and the size of the site

Easy checks

Some Tools

WAVE (Web Accessibility Evaluation Tools)

FireEyes Plug in for Firefox

Functional Accessibility Evaluator 2.0 Testing


W3C CSS Validation Service

Colour Contrast Analyzer

Total Validator