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Section 508 Website Update

Section 508 has redesigned their website, which provides a new, easy-to-use interface. Accessible Technology Section

The Department of Justice has launched a new Accessible Technology section for, its Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Web site, to further assist covered entities and people with disabilities to understand how the ADA applies to certain technologies, such as Web sites, electronic book readers, online courses, and point-of-sale devices.  Covered entities have longstanding obligations to make their programs, goods, services, and activities accessible—including those they provide online or via other technology.  The new Web pages compile in one place the Department’s technical assistance and guidance about accessible technology, as well as information about the Department’s accessible technology enforcement efforts, regulation development, and other federal accessible technology resources and initiatives.

To find out more about the ADA, visit or call the Department's toll-free ADA Information Line at 1-800-514-0301 or 1-800-514-0383 (TTY). 

Free Guide to Accessible Publishing Now Available

The Book Industry Study Group has published "BISG Quick Start Guide to Accessible Publishing" This guidewas created as a resource for Publishers and other "content creators"on how to produce accessible content.  The Guide is free and available in PDF (best for printing) and ePUB3 (Accessible EPUB).

This guide addresses why and how to create, distribute, and display accessible digital content. It includes many practical strategies for creating accessible content, including coding samples which cover most of the cases that are commonly "problems" in code and can be used not only in document creation but in other web cases as well.

Current Learning Opportunities

Syracuse Universiy of New York (SUNY) 6 week MOOC: Accessibility: Designing and Teaching Courses for All Learners   Open Course will begin in May 2016.

 Captioned Video Interview on Creating Accessible Content

Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech ) MOOC: Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Accessibility Self paced, begins February 29, 2016, open for one year

Universal Design for Learning Guidelines Still Available 

If you attended either of the Universal Design for Learning presentations that were presented by the Universal Pathways to Employment Program (UPEP) during August and September and were given a UDL Certificate to receive a booklet on how to make accessible materials, the booklets have arrived.

Please bring your certificate over to the UPEP office to pick up your copy. If you are on a remote campus, please mail your certificate to receive your booklet via mail.

The main UPEP office is located in Room AL100 on first floor of the Lamar Alexander building on the Hardin Valley campus.

An electronic version of the booklet is available in accessible format.   Please contact the UPEP office for additional information on upcoming trainings and how to receive a booklet.

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