Student communicating with female staff member through assistive technology
A male student communicating via sign language to a female staff member
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Faculty Resources

Pellissippi Policy 03:03:00 Selection of Instructional Materials  March 31,2014

"Accessibility of all course content, including (but not limited to) books, computer software, websites, instruction  manuals,  videos,  study guides, laboratory  manuals,  and  computer-assisted  instruction modules must be ensured when adopting textbooks and other course materials. Faculty responsible for  textbook  adoption  will  request  that  sales  representatives  and  publishers  provide  accessible alternate formats of their textbooks, if available, prior to agreeing to purchase the books. If alternate formats are unavailable, hard copies of textbooks will be provided to Disability Services in a timely manner when requested for alternate format development."

Tennessee Higher Education Commission Signed into Law on April 16, 2014


Instructional Materials Checklist:  Where to Start and Resources within Pellissippi 

Assistive Technology at Pellissippi

Resources Through TBR

TBR Accessibility Summit Materials

Section 504

A Guide to Accessible Purchasing

Locating Textbooks

When considering adopting new textbooks for courses, here are some places to search to determine if Alternate Format versions are available.  You do not need to be a member to search for textbook titles.   Alice Wershing is available to assist Committee Chairs when considering new textbooks.  Staff of the Disability Services office are also available to test publisher's files prior to purchase.



Publisher Lookup

Accessibility Results for Reading Systems

Creating Documents

Alice Wershing is available to help Faculty and Staff learn about assistive technology tools and provide assistance related to creating materials that all students can use.  The following checklist can assist you in getting started in creating materials to meet the needs of all students.  Check the Technology Tools page for additional resources.

Tip Sheets

Easy Tips for Office

Sample syllabus statement

DO-IT Faculty Room

University of Toledo Adaptive Software Tutorials


Design Science Solutions

gh-accessiblity  ReadHear, MathHear, ClickHear Mobile

Describing Graphics and Images

Portland Community College Complex Image Accessibility

Converting Word Documents

Portland Community College Subject Area Accessibility Study in Mathematics

Captioning Videos

Turning Captions on in YouTube

Mobile Applications

What Accessibility Standards Apply to Mobile Applications?

Compliance and Legal Issues

Student use of Technology - DOE Issues Guidance on Rights of Students with Disabilities when Educational Institutions use Technology

Online and Distance Learning

D2L 10.3 Accessibility User Guide

accesselearning - A ten-module tutorial that offers instructional techniques on how to create accessible Web content using various applications and technologies.

Fact Sheets for Making Accessible Distance Education

Designing Websites for All Users

Disability Information

Instructor Autism Spectrum Disorders Guide (PDF)

Tips for Working with Students with Psychological Disabilities

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)