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Student Transitions and Persistence

Dr. Becky MilamDear Pellissippi State Students,

Welcome to Student Transitions and Persistence (STP)! The newly formed office is comprised of New Student Orientation and the PERSiST academic coaching program. Created to further Pellissippi State's vision of providing holistic student support, we aim to help students navigate the many transitions and challenges they may encounter during their college experience. Our devoted team of professionals will offer frequent and meaningful support to ease students' onboarding process, normalize help-seeking behavior and foster a sense of belonging.

The STP will partner with campus and community resources to facilitate career, academic, cultural and social connections. Closing equity gaps through service to marginalized or minoritized groups is also at the heart of the office's work. From New Student Orientation to Graduation, our office seeks to be a guide and an on-demand resource for students throughout their time at Pellissippi State.


Dr. Becky Milam

Director, Student Transitions and Persistence


New Student Orientation PERSiST Graduation Career
New Student Orientation PERSiST Graduation Career
Starting strong is key to your success at PSCC. New Student Orientation will help you to connect with your peers, staff, faculty, and the resources you need all in a fun and engaging way! Staying strong is even more vital to your success at PSCC. Sure, you will face hardships along the way, but you will not be alone. Transition Coaches through PERSiST are here to help you do college. Click here to schedule an appointment! Finishing strong is the moment you have been waiting for. You did it! Now let’s get you ready to receive that diploma and celebrate! Undecided about your future? Know exactly what you want to do? Whatever your situation is, we are here to help you find your purpose and land your dream job!


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