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Learning and Testing Center

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 Main Campus:  Learning & Testinghttp://www.pstcc.edu/learn/ 

The Testing Center provides academic support services by identifying course placement for students, granting credits for course knowledge, assisting instructors with class testing, or certifying exaninees have the skill or knowledge needed to perform a particiluar job.  Some of the tests listed below have a fee or specific requirements tat must be met in order to register for them.


For College Classes                                                                                                         College Placement Testing

  • Calculus Readiness Test                                                              http://www.pstcc.edu/transitional_studies/
  • Class Quizzes                                                                            Michigan Test for English as a 2nd Language Students
  • Correspondence Exams                                                               ACT for STudents under 21 years of age
  • DSP 2nd Attempt Exams                                                              COMPASS for students 21 years of age or older
  • Make Up Exams                                                                         
  • RODP
  • Web Based or Video Based Course Exams

For Certification or Licensing                                                                                        For College Credit

High Stakes Exams (ACT Work Center, ACT Work Keys,                             College Level Education Program (CLEP)

MOMI, NOCTI, Prometric ETA)                                                                 Credit by Exam     

 For College Program Review                                                                  DSP Challenge Exams

  • CBASE                                                                                      
  • Exit Exams (Work Keys, NOCTI, ICCP)                                          Adult Education Exams for High School Diploma

Company Requested Testing                                                                 GED & Test of Basic Education (TABE)

The Learning Center - The following are a list of free services offered a the Parkway Center for all students:  Tutoring, Study Sessions, FreeGrammar Information Sheets and Study Skills Booklets, Mathematic Instructional Videotapes which correspond to the current textbooks, Access to computers and printers for email and word processing, Access to computer tutorials, CD collection for easy listening or music students, Excellent group or individual study space and a good information center.


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