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Scavenger Hunt Quiz

Choose the appropriate resource from the list for each question.  When you have finished, print this page and take it to the Student Life Office in the Goins Building, Room 141 and get a free prize for a complete connect with the Connect the Pieces Program.  Thank you for participating in the Scavenger Hunt.  We hope you used the links to view the official sites and learned something abou the departments and resources available to you

Let's get started!

1. Where would you go for a make-up exam?

ERC Computer Lab Student Assistance Center
Learning & Testing Center TRiO Student Support Services

2. You need help filling out your FAFSA go to:

Student Assistance Center Student Affairs
Services for Students with Disabilities Financial Aid

3. You need a Student ID, where will you go?

Student Assistance Center Student Life & Recreation / Student Recreation Center
ERC Circulation Cashier's Office

4. Need help with wireless, web mail, and login, who can help?

ERC Computer Lab Services for Students with Disabilities
Student Assistance Center Safety & Security

5. Don't know which class to take next, need an advisor? Go here:

Student Life Center ERC Circulation
Bagwell Arts Center Student Assistance Center

6. Left your lights on and battery needs a recharge? Who can help?

Student Assistance Center Student Life & Recreation
Safety and Security Placement Services

7. 1st Generation and need one on one tutoring? What program?

Learning & Testing Center Student Recreation Center
Student Affairs TRiO Student Support Services

8. Graduating and need a job? Who can help?

Placement Services Student Recreation Center
Student Assistance Center Cashier's Office

9. Want to find out if you made the Dean's List or find Graduation information? Go to:

Learning & Testing Center Student Affairs
Bagwell Arts Center Financial Aid

10. Which department sponsors this scavenger hunt?

Safety & Security Student Recreation Center
Student Life & Recreation Student Life Center

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