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Student Life and Recreation

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Student Life and Recreation supports and encourages diversity, personal growth and wellness through social, cultural, recreational, leadership, and educational opportunities that will expand involvement with the campus community and society.



Student Life Programs and Student Interest

Connect the pieces - is an incentive program designed to get students involved and connected with events, resources, departments, instructors, staff and others outside the classroom.  Connect the Pieces rewards student participation in official Connect the Pieces (CTP) activities on campus.  Participants can pick up a small CTP booklet at Student Life events or in the Student Life office.  You must get your booklet stamped or initialed each time to make a connection.  After making a complete connection of a Activity, Resource, or Connection, stop by Student Life and Recreation and choose 1 of 3  prizes.  Each piece then and thereafter counts as a chance to win one of two larger prizes at a drawing at the end of the Fall and Spring semesters.  Students must have a current GPA of at least 2.0 and successfully completed at least 6 hours of classes to win.  Check out Student Life's Calendar of Events and make YOUR Connection!

Studious Student - Studie! Do not forget CTP's mascot, Studie!  He hides out on campus Where's Waldo style.  The first two student to find him each week and emails student life at studentlife@pstcc.edu, giving us his tip for the week, will win a $7.00 Cafeteria gift card!  Studie can also be found in the "One Email" of Events that comes out every two weeks.  If you are the first person to email Student Life and let us know which which event he is found in, you can also win a $7.00 Cafeteria gift card.  So look for Studie and you could win lunch on us!

Ways to keep student informed of upcoming events and activities:

  • Student Life Bulletin Boards
  • Student Life Calendar of Events
  • Panther Pause (bi-weekly newsletter found in the restrooms)
  • ipause (bi-weekly video announcement found on the Student Life homepage)
  • One Email (bi-weekly email sent to all students)

Student Organizations - Clubs?  Student Life  has got them and we want to get YOU involved!  Check out the club listing on our webpage and "get in, where you fit in."  If you can't find a place to fit in, you can start your own club.  All the information is online on our website.  Existing clubs, the club manual, forms and event approval process is right at your fingertips.

COSA- Council of Student Advocates (COSA) continually represents the interest of the students and work in partnership withAdministration on decisions pertaining to the process of education and the future of Pellissippi State Community College.  In addition COSA offers students intellectual, social and cultural enrichment leadership opportunities.  Founded in the Spring of 2000, COSA is the student's voice, which is why each semester "Voice-Out" is held for students to voice their concerns, likes, and dislikes on PSCC campus life.  COSA Consist of Student Ambassadors, Student Activity Board, Student Success Mentors, and New Student Orientation Leaders. Would you like to join COSA?  There is a link on the SLR website "Join COSA" click on that and you can get an application.  Turn it in to the Student Life Office.

Congratulations!  You have successfully connected with all the departments in the Scavenger Hunt!  Now  click on the button below to take the Quiz and make a copy for a Connect the pieces complete connection!  Thank you for participating in this Scavenger Hunt! 


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