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New Club Process and Special Interest Groups

How To Get Started

Student clubs are an important part of campus life at Pellissippi State Community College.

Student clubs include professional groups, hobby clubs and political and community service organizations. But if you don’t find a group that fits your needs, Pellissippi State welcomes you to start your own club.

All student clubs begin as Special Interest Groups, and before becoming an official student club must be approved by the Student Life Office, Pellissippi State, and the Tennessee Board of Regents. For more information, read Student Organizations Policy 04:01:00 and The Student Organization Handbook.

To start a new student club, first contact the Director of Student Life and complete a Petition of Recognition of New Club. All groups must also have a faculty member or administrator to be an advisor.

Once the petition for the new club has been approved, a student club has 60 days to complete the process of becoming an official registered student club:

Required Forms

Step 1 - Petition of Recognition of New Club

Step 2 - Complete the following forms:

  1. Register as a New Student Club
  2. Complete the Advisor(s) Agreement

    This position is considered to be a Campus Security Authority (CSA). Annual CSA training is a requirement for this position. Initial CSA Training must be completed within 30 days of assignment to this position. Annual CSA refresher training must be completed 30 days after the training becomes available for that year. Faculty members required to complete CSA annual refresher training must complete the training within 30 days of the start of the spring semester.

  3. Complete Charter Member List
  4. Complete Officer Roster
  5. Complete Statement of Understanding
  6. Complete a club Constitution and By-Laws [SAMPLE]
  7. If applicable, complete a Request for Campus Financial Account
  8. If applicable, contact national or regional clubs to become an affiliate student chapter at Pellissippi State

Student clubs will be notified of approval within two weeks by the Director of Student Life. Officers must meets with the Director to receive a brief orientation on student club policies and procedures and to receive an official student organization manual.

Officially registered student clubs may request funds from the Fee Board. All registered student clubs are required to complete an annual report in April of each year to remain in good standing.

Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups are also used to describe groups that are organized for one-time events.

Special Interest Group are allowed to:

  • Reserve college rooms for meetings through the Student Life Office.
  • Post fliers and posters on bulletin boards around all five Pellissippi State campuses. All fliers and posters must be stamped by the Student Life Office and cannot exceed 11 inches by 17 inches in size.
  • Request messages to be displayed on campus video monitors through the Student Life Office.
  • Set up a display in the cafeteria or elsewhere around campus dependent on approval through the Student Life Office.
  • Participate in Council of Student Advocates events to promote their group
  • Participate in leadership development workshops offered through the Student Life Office.

Special Interest Groups are not eligible for Fee Board funding.