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Through dozens of student clubs, the student experience at Pellissippi State provides plenty of opportunities for personal enrichment. Students can gain experience in developing lifelong skills like leadership, event planning, budgeting and communication through experience in student clubs – and these valuable skills are relevant for future careers and community service.

If you don’t find a student club that meets your needs, you might be interested in starting your own! For more information about that process, go to our New Club Process.

Student clubs may refer to the Club Handbook to learn more about policies and procedures.

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Clubs & Organizations

Advisor Campus/Contact Information

ASL Please!

To promote knowledge of ASL in the college and larger communities and to build and strengthen relationships with Deaf and ASL Communities.

HV: Gay Baker

Active Black Student Association – [ABSA]

Provides an opportunity for students to create, plan, and implement programming and a forum to discuss concerns of minority students.

DV: Marcia Coleman

MA: Aneshia Brown

American Institute of Graphic Arts

To gain student involvement in the local design community, create a campus community and help build leadership skills that will be valuable when graduates move into the professional world.

HV:  Stewart Taylor

Anime Club

To gather like-minded students, discuss, view, read and create an interest among other students for anime.

MA: Margaret Jansen

Association of Information Technology Professionals

To promote a strong network of IT business professionals, have access to empowering resources and opportunities and position graduates to achieve their professional goals.

HV: Gitti Negahban

Association for Networking and System Administration

To promote the networking technologies profession and provide enhanced training for future professionals.

HV: Jerry Sherrod

BCM – Baptist Collegiate Ministry

We hope that you come and visit fellowship with us, and hopefully find your place on campus here at the BCM. 

HV:  Denise Penskofer

Bible Club – Blount County

To further understand the Bible, develop new relationships and show support for Pellissippi and its community.

BC: Derrick Harmon

COSA – Student Activities Board [SAB]

To plan, organize, implement and evaluate activities on campus. Offering the student body educational, social and cultural enrichment opportunities.

HV: Kim Thomas-LaRue

Chinese Language Club

Study groups, games [language-learning], movie nights and community service.

HV: Jiaqi Gu

Club Ed

To provide opportunities for students to develop leadership skills through college and community service projects and cultivate relationships with students to promote the welfare and education of young children.

HV: Joanna Denny

College Democrats of America

To support the participation of college students in the Democratic Party and public service to the community.

HV: Edward Francisco

Creative Writing Club

To engage and support creative writers at Pellissippi State.

DV: Michael Hurst

HV: Heather Schroeder

MA: Keri Withington

SP: Patty Ireland

DISCO – Division International Student & Cultural Organization

To enhance ESOL students’ cultural and educational experiences.

DS: Chester Needham

Debate Team

To enhance students’ critical thinking skills and help them be more knowledgeable and informed citizens.

HV: Shaquille Marsh

Drama Club

To develop dramatic talent, the art of acting, to cultivate a taste for the best in drama and foster cultural values developed by dramatics.

HV: Charles Miller

MA: Richard Patton

Evolution Of Gamers [EOG]

To analyze and discuss episodes of interest and cooperate as a community to go to a convention with fundraising and special events.

HV: Elizabeth McCowan

Fencing Club

To promote the sport of fencing through instruction of its history and to teach others about fencing’s health and personal development benefits.

HV: Mark Cotter

French Exchange Club

To build and create a community of students who will assist in the planning and implementation of the French Exchange program with program coordinators and advisors.

HV: Joan Jackson

Gamers and Geeks Club

To promote and provide acceptance, respect, learning and fun for gamers and geeks.

SP: Mike North

Gamma Beta Phi 

To recognize and encourage excellence in education; promote development of leadership ability and character in its members; and to foster, disseminate and improve education through appropriate service projects.

MA: Moira Connelly

Green PAWS

Pioneering Advocates of Worldwide Sustainability. To seek opportunities that will allow students to engage in and promote sustainable practices on campus.

HV: Kim Thomas-LaRue

Hammock Club

To have other outdoor events and educational sessions about outdoor recreation. To work to conservation projects to maintain hammock areas.

HV: Heather Schroeder

High Altitude Ballooning Club

A professional learning experience to develop skills about stratosphere ballooning and high-altitude research.

HV: Sarah Graham

Hiking and Outdoors Club

To promote and engage in outdoor activities including hiking, backpacking and similar activities.

BC: David McNeill

IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Robotics Club

To promote professionalism among the student members and cooperative relationships with local industries.

HV: Carl Mallette

HV: Curtis Holmes


Imaginary Gardens Literary Magazine

To produce a literary magazine each spring semester featuring short stories, poetry, artwork and photography submitted by students.

HV:  Robert Lloyd

International Club

Share various customs, culture and join activities for the betterment of the student body.

HV: Patricia Higgins

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship

To establish witnessing communities of students and faculty who follow Jesus as Savior and Lord: growing in love for God, God’s word, God’s people of every ethnicity and culture and God’s purposes in the world.

HV: Toby Russell

Juggling Club

A place for people to juggle, manipulate objects and socialize.

HV:  David R. Brown

Kappa Beta Delta

To encourage and recognize scholarship and accomplishment among students of business, management, administration, and other business programs who are pursuing associate degrees in ACBSP-accredited two-year colleges, to encourage and promote personal and professional improvement and a life distinguished by honorable service to humankind.

HV: Lucinda Alexander

MSA - Muslim Student Association

To arrange and hold congregational prayers; promote friendly relations between Muslims and non-Muslims.

HV: Leigh Anne Touzeau

Pellissippi Paralegal Association

To provide support programs and activities that will enhance the learning experience in paralegal field.

DV: Holly Sayne

Pellissippi Press

To produce a student newspaper that provides a forum of expression for students at Pellissippi State.

HV: Charles T. Walker

Pellissippi Pride Club (LGBT)

To offer unity, resources and support in social, educational and political environments for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer students, faculty, staff and their allies.

BC: Melanie Fulbright

DV: Stephanie Baker-Harden

HV: Christina Elliott

MA: Moira Connelly 

Pellissippi Ultimate Frisbee

To give students, faculty and staff a place to come together and enjoy Ultimate Frisbee.

HV: Phil Ems

Phi Theta Kappa

This national honor society for two-year colleges recognizes academic excellence among students at Pellissippi State.

BC:  Casey Lambert

HV:  Judy Sichler

Photography Club

To provide students the opportunity to advance their photography skills by learning from each other. 

HV:  Ron Goodrich

MA:  Naomi Williams

Psychology Club

To educate and provide a platform for interest in the field of psychology.

BC: Christie Cunningham

SP: Tracy Rees

R.A.G.E Really Awesome Gaming Evolution

Playing games, teaching students and community about the history and development of the gaming industry.

MA: Sonya Elsberry

Recreation Club

To help improve students physically and keep the body healthy through nutrition and physical activity.

HV: Denise Penskofer

Rotaract Club  - Service above Self

To bring together people ages 18-30 in universities and communities worldwide to organize service activities, develop leadership and professional skills, and have fun.

HV: Denise Carr

SAACS (Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society)

To spread interest in chemistry and chemical careers to current students enrolled in a science or engineering major. To broaden what chemistry is and where it is applicable in daily lives.

HV: Rachel Glazener

SNAPS (Student Nurses Association Pellissippi State)

To educate nursing students and promote their involvement in a professional nursing organization.

BC: Angela Lunsford

STEA (Student Tennessee Education Association)

To promote and support future teachers.

HV: Barbara Jenkins

Science Club

Promoting interest exploring life science through discussions, lectures and field trips.

HV: Jerry Burns

Science Fiction Club

To discuss science fiction, present lectures and share interests.

HV: Trent Eades

Secular Student Alliance

To educate high school and college students about the value of scientific reason and the intellectual basis of secularism in its atheistic and humanistic manifestations.

HV: David Howell

HV: Charles Cardwell

Sport Clubs

All clubs are coed and compete in mixed leagues. Stop into the SRC or e-mail Phil Ems for more information.

HV: Phil Ems

Student Hospitality Club

To provide networking and site visit opportunities for hospitality students in conjunction with professional organizations such as KTA & THA.

HV: Holly Knowling

Student Veteran's Group (Patriots)

Connecting fellow veterans and offer services that will help them facilitate a transition from military life.

HV: Ron Bridges

Tennessee Intercollegiate Student Legislature (TISL)

To use state government as a model to educate and inspire Tennessee college students to the highest standards of leadership, public service and civic engagement. The TISL conducts legislative, judicial and other participatory programs that lets students experience realistic governing situations and voice their opinions on public affairs.

HV: Kim Thomas-LaRue

Total Access

Helping students with disabilities connect and improve the college experience by ensuring equal access and opportunity to personal and academic achievements while at Pellissippi State.

HV: Michele DeFelice

HV: Michelle Miller

Welding Club

To promote professional competency by providing club members opportunities to create practical or artistic projects, community involvement and volunteer opportunities.

HV: Adam Streich



Changes and additions can occur throughout the school year.