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Special Interest Group - Things to Know!

As a special interest group at Pellissippi State, you need to become familiar with various policies and procedures that govern all student organizations. Take the time to review these procedures, as your group will be held responsible for adhering to them.

As a special interest group you may:

  1. Reserve various college meeting rooms for your meetings. In order to do this, all room reservations must be made through the SLR Office. Room reservations should be made as early as possible as rooms are assigned on a first come, first served basis.
  2. Post fliers and posters promoting meetings of the special interest group on various bulletin boards on campus. All fliers and posters must be stamped by the SLR office and the size cannot exceed 11" x 17".
  3. Display messages on the campus video monitor. These messages are to be requested through a form available in the SLR Office and must be approved by the Director of SLR. The special interest group is responsible for delivering these to the Media Center at least two days prior to transmission.
  4. Set up a display in the cafeteria or other areas on campus. You must coordinate this effort through the Director of SLR.

Please read carefully:

  1. Special interest groups are not allowed to plan any special activities, fund-raisers or programs until the group is formally recognized by the college as a registered student organization.
  2. Special interest groups are not eligible for COSA Fee Board funding until they are recognized as an official student organization at Pellissippi State.
  3. Special interest groups will be allowed to participate in specially designated COSA events to promote their group.
  4. Special interest groups may participate in leadership development workshops offered through the SLR office.