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American Diabetes Association (ADA)

A dirty "D" word........

Have you heard the “D” word?  DIABETES.  Yes, I said it.  This dirty “D” word may not have four letters like other words that always seem to get noticed, but it’s one bad word that definitely gets your attention when you or a family member is diagnosed with the illness.  DIABETES is a dirty word.  

The latest ADA statistics show that in 2012, 21.0 million Americans were living with diagnosed diabetes and another 8.1 million were as yet undiagnosed or at serious risk of developing diabetes. Take a look around the office you work in (visit another department’s office if you work alone.)  Chances are there’s at least one person there whose life is being significantly affected by diabetes right now.  Take another look around.  At least half of those remaining have symptoms they don’t realize might be diabetes related.  

Please help us make a difference!!!  

For more information and donations:  http://www.diabetes.org

PSCC employees and students helped with the ‘Step Out’ To Stop Diabetes on November 2, 2014.

'Dollars for Diabetes' was held in the Goins Building Rotunda on November 25, 2014.