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Cares, Concerns, and Suggestions???

The Support Staff Council has been a long-standing group at PSCC, and we want to continue on. With a respect for that history and to implement a current approach to communicating, we have developed a link by which you can express your concerns, ideas, worries, needs, and in general, communicate more fully with one another.  This link is for you to submit your thoughts with or without your name.  If you have concerns you want to be brought to our administration, just communicate that desire, and we will do our best to provide answers. This communication will only be accessed by the Support Staff Council Chair, Nancy Sutton. If you are concerned about privacy, please know nothing will be linked with your name unless you choose to do so.  We want Support Staff Council to work for you and with you.

Please take advantage of this link.  You are NOT required to put your name.