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Support Staff Council Constitution


The Support Staff Council advocates and provides professional development and scholarship opportunities for the support staff of Pellissippi State Community College.  As a council, the support staff members have the right and obligation to participate fully and actively in the determination of policies pertaining to support staff matters, and to the well-being of the College.



The purpose of the Support Staff Council shall be as follows:

    1. Emphasize and initiate opportunities for professional development;
    2. Establish a forum and support group to create an atmosphere in which solutions to work-related problems can be discussed and explored;
    3. Initiate opportunities to raise funds for scholarships;
    4. Provide input into decision-making via representative on various councils/committees;
    5. Initiate opportunities to become better informed relative to activities in all departments/areas of the college.



    1. Membership in the Support Staff Council includes all regular full-time and regular part-time support personnel (82.6% or more).  These members will have equal vote and status in all matters.
    2. Temporary/hourly part-time support personnel (all hourly contract workers, excludes student workers) and regular part-time employees (less than 82.6) are designated as non-voting members until after one year of employment.



The Executive Council shall be composed of support staff members, including at least one member from each campus, who will serve for one year.  Executive Council members may succeed themselves.  Each term the Executive Council will select a “chairperson” to represent executive council.  In the event any of the executive council members cannot serve their one year term, the Executive Council will select/appoint a new executive board council member.



The Support Staff Council shall meet in the months of February, May, July and October, to be announced at least 2 weeks prior to date of meeting.  Additional meetings may be called by the executive council chairperson or upon written request signed by at least ten general council members. The Executive Council shall meet each month.  Additional meetings may be called by the executive council Chairperson.



 The Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of the general membership held after at least two weeks prior notice to the membership that such an amendment is to be considered.



A.     Privileges

All regular full-time (82.6% or more) and regular part-time members will have equal vote and status in all matters. After one (1) year employment temporary hourly part-time employees and regular part-time employees (less than 82.6% appointment) will have voting privileges.

B.     Duties of the Executive Council

  1. To elect a chairperson to represent the Support Staff each term

    The Chairperson shall:
    1. Serve as the chief executive officer of the council;
    2. Preside at the meetings of the council and of the Executive Council;
    3. Serve as an ex-officio member for all committees of the council.

  2. Assign the following duties to the members of executive council.
    1. Be responsible for the records and minutes of the council;
    2. Prepare notices of meetings;
    3. Help prepare reports for the Executive Council to the membership;
    4. Maintain and administer any monies of the council and keep proper records of any financial transactions;
    5. Help organize council activities at their campuses.

  3. Select/assign Chairs to the following standing committees:
    1. Professional Development Committee
    2. Mentoring Committee
    3. Activities Committee
    4. Handbook Committee

  4. Attend Executive Council meetings and provide input on planning and issues considered.
  5. Responsible for maintaining and updating the Support Staff website
  6. Perform those duties assigned by the Executive Council and by the Constitution and Bylaws

C.         Executive Council

  1. Meetings and Quorum

    The Executive Council shall meet monthly schedule in regular session and upon call of the Chairperson or a majority of the Executive Council members. Each member shall be notified of the time and place of meetings.  A quorum consists of three (3) Executive Council members. If a member is absent from three (3) consecutive meetings without having an excused absence, he/she shall be notified that he/she is being dropped from the Council. His/her vacancy shall be filled by appointment or selection of the Executive Council.

  2. Powers and Duties

    The powers and duties of the Executive Council shall be:
    1. to serve as the executive body of the council;
    2. to set the time and place of council meetings;
    3. to direct the affairs of the council and to carry out its policies;
    4. to present recommendations to the membership on proposed amendments, policies, programs, or positions of the council;
    5. to develop programs for the achievement of the stated purposes;
    6. to perform those duties assigned it by the Constitution and Bylaws;
    7. to approve appointments to fill vacancies or to declare elections in the event suitable appointments are not made.

  3. Elections

    An election is held in May for the Executive Council. Term of office is July 1 through June 30. At the regular April meeting the Executive Council Chairperson shall announce the names of the nominating committee which will, at the proper time, present a slate of nominees. This committee shall be chosen by the Executive Council.

    The nominating committee will consist of at least three (3) members who will choose a chairperson from among themselves. The report of the nominating committee shall be submitted.     

D.    Committees

  1. Standing Committees

The following committees shall be regarded as standing committees for the council with chairpersons appointed by the Executive Council at the beginning of fall semester. The committee chairperson would then select members to serve on the committee.

      1. Professional Development
        1. Responsible for providing a Professional Development plan/agenda
        2. Perform other duties assigned by the Constitution and Bylaws and by the Executive Council.

      2. Activities
        1. Responsible for contacting members for fundraising events.
        2. Assist the Professional Development Committee when needed.
        3. Perform other duties assigned by the Constitution and Bylaws and by the Executive Council.

      3. Mentoring
        1. Responsible for acclimating new support staff employees to the college.
        2. Shall maintain the support staff e-mail distribution list.
        3. Perform other duties assigned by the Constitution and Bylaws and by the Executive Council.

      4. Handbook
        1. Responsible for updating, printing and distributing handbooks
        2. Assist the Mentoring Committee when needed.
        3. Perform other duties assigned by the Constitution and Bylaws and by the Executive Council.

    1. Temporary Committees

The Executive Council may appoint temporary committees to study and report to the council on any issue of support staff concerns. A committee may exist on a temporary basis for no longer than one calendar year. After that time, a temporary committee either shall be accepted as a standing committee or shall be considered dissolved.

Each standing committee shall make reports each month to the Executive Council.


F.      Amendments

The Bylaws may be amended or replaced by a simple majority vote of the general membership held after at least two weeks prior notice to full membership that such action is to be considered.


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