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The History of Support Staff Council at Pellissippi State

To create a timeline with milestones along the way, a short inquiry was sent to the people who served as past Support Staff Council Presidents.  Their responses included much praise and recognition for the hard work and support of their officers and support staff’s participation as a whole, attributing to their successes.   These acknowledgements were not included for the sake of brevity, but are nonetheless important.  Presidents and themes are listed as recalled:
Support Staff Council was established in 1982 by past Pellissippi State President J.L. Goins to “provide a mechanism for input from clerical and maintenance personnel and opportunities for professional growth.” 

  • 1982-1983    President, Vrondelia (Ronni) Chandler - Theme:  Working Together
    With only 20 members, the Council worked as a team, helping each other on large projects, phone-forwarding coverage and sharing information. They had covered-dish lunches to build camaraderie and to show appreciation for all their hard work.  Presentations and special programs were put on for Secretaries’ Week, and a yearly reception was given for ‘Support Staff of the Year.’  
  • 1984-1986    (transitional times for the college – president, theme & accomplishments not available)  
  • 1986-1987    President, Rebecca Ivie Scott
    Member of the College’s Roundtable with College President and administrators, and served on the Steering Committee for the semester conversion process.  
  • 1987-1988    President, Anita Amburn
    The Council’s bylaws were developed. Thus, the Support Staff Council became official.                         
  • 1988-1989    President, Fay Ray 
    Fay recalls Support Staff employees working especially hard during the years when State Technical Institute at Knoxville became a community college, changed its name to Pellissippi State Technical Community College, changed from the quarter to a semester system, moved to the new campus and developed 80 plus transfer courses articulated with UTK.  The system of teamwork created by the Council helped to aid the college’s success during the transition.  
  • 1990-1991    President, Karon Dozler
    This was a year of great progress for the college, and she enjoyed the privilege of giving the invocation at the dedication of the Blount County campus.  Karon carried on the tradition of having covered-dish get-togethers to build camaraderie. 

 ~In 1993, Dr. Allen Edwards, became the new President of the College and also encouraged Support Staff Council~ 

  • 1992-1993    President, Mary Duke
    The Council published a monthly newsletter, “The Support Column,” that included minutes, a calendar of events, and support staff birthdays.  This year marked the College’s 20th Anniversary.  Support Staff Council planted a flowerbed in the courtyard to commemorate the occasion.    
  • 1993-1994    President, Janelle Salerno
    A notable council president with terrific public speaking abilities whose emphasis was on “Improving Your Professional Image.”  
  • 1994-1995    President, Mary Duke - Theme:  WOW Working on Wellness
    Support Staff Council broadened the scope of “Secretaries’ Week” to include all support staff and established “Support Staff Appreciation Week” at Pellissippi State.  
  • 1995-1996    President, Mary Duke - Theme:  Healthy Work Environment
    The ‘Child of Support Staff Employee’ scholarship fund was established and a scholarship for students majoring in Office Systems Technology was later added.  Support Staff Council funded the scholarships by giving donations and by selling Tupperware.  A staff cookbook was created as a fundraiser containing many great recipes. 
  • 1996-1997    President, Gina Cox
    Vice President, Janet Hardin; Secretary, Donna Torrance; Treasurer, Sue Carter; Hardin Valley Rep, Tammy Robinette; Division St Rep, Marica Lawson; Blount Co Rep, Cassie Thomas
    Support Staff Council began broadcasting council meetings via the Distance Learning classroom so that support staff at the satellite campuses could participate in meetings.  Gina introduced team-building exercises at council meetings. 
  • 1997-1998    President, Mary Duke - Theme:  Change Is Everywhere
    During Mary’s term in office, membership grew from 60 to approximately 120 support staff.  The Council began annual participation in the American Heart Walk and the March of Dimes Walk America campaigns and continues to support these and other worthy causes voted in each year.  Support Staff Calendars were created.  The Support Staff Scrapbook Committee became official, and the Mentoring Program was established in April 1998 to acclimate new employees to the college.  A home page was developed for Support Staff Council.  The council also sponsored other fun activities such as Secret Pals and the Christmas Talent Show.  
  • 1998-1999    President, Nancy Williams - Theme:  Making a Difference
    As Vice President of Support Staff Council, Nancy assumed the position of President after Angela Edwards resigned due to extenuating circumstances. Nancy planned a professional development activity for each month so that individuals who could not attend every meeting were offered more opportunities for professional growth.  This was the year that Pellissippi State celebrated its 25th Anniversary.  As a part of the celebration, the Council buried a time capsule at the base of the Pellissippi history sign that they had purchased a few years prior.  Since that time, the sign was moved to the Information Center, and the current Council is working on another way to mark the capsule’s location for easy retrieval on the college’s 50th Anniversary.  The President-elect position was also added to the bylaws.  
  • 1999-2000    President, Orpha Leitch - Theme:  Sharing Knowledge
    Vice President, Brenda Thomas; Secretary, Yolanda Roebuck; Treasurer, Ann Burgess; Hardin Valley Rep, Amy Bullard; Division St Rep, Marica Lawson
    The Council members benefited from shared knowledge through monthly professional development programs.  She encouraged support staff to work with their supervisors to keep their skills current.  Support staff memorabilia was put on display in the cafeteria as a reminder of accomplishments.  The first Officer’s Retreat was organized for outgoing officers to train those coming in.  Faculty Council Parliamentarian, Donn King, presented Robert’s Rules of Order at this first retreat to help the monthly meetings stay focused, orderly and timely, so that those who attend can plan their work around them.  
  • 2000-2001    President, Cynthia Noles - Theme:  Unity in Teamwork
    Vice President, Regina Collins; Secretary, Jane Ott/Rachael Cragle; Treasurer, Donna Pasternak; Hardin Valley Rep, Kirk Nelson; Division St Rep, Marcia Dean; Blount Co Rep, Jonnie Dean; Magnolia Rep, Iris Jordan
    This year, Support Staff Council had two major fundraising events—a White Elephant Sale and a Celebrity Dinner.  Both events were successful and the largest moneymakers in the history of the Council.  Proceeds from the events helped finance the Council’s two scholarships funds. 
  • 2001-2002       President, Yolanda Roebuck - Theme:  Empowered to Excel
    Vice President, Regina Collins; Secretary, Rachael Cragle; Treasurer, Karen Ghezawi; Hardin Valley Rep, Amy Calhoun; Division St Rep, Marcia Dean; Blount Co Rep, Rhonda Mattingly; Magnolia Rep, Melinda Williams
    The Council is off to a good start.  There will be a guest speaker at each Support Staff Council meeting to address topics that will help improve support staff’s job performance.  In September, Support Staff Council and Phi Theta Kappa raised money for the American Red Cross’ Disaster Relief Fund to benefit victims of the September 11th terrorists attack on the USA.  The Council had a successful 2nd Annual White Elephant Sale. The first Support Staff Council Handbook was published in October.  Many more activities and accomplishments are sure to follow.   
  • 2002-2003    President, Catherine Collins/Regina Collins - Theme:  Synergy
    Vice President, Nancy Crumpley; Secretary, Michelle Coggins; Treasurer, Ann Burgess; Parkway Rep, Nancy Williams; Division St Rep, Joyce Garcia; Blount Co Rep, Rhonda Mattingly; Magnolia Rep, Iris Jordan  
  • 2003-2004    President, Karon Dozier/Annette ElDridge - Theme: SHERPAS: Sincere, Helpful, Energetic, Respectful, Positive, Accountable & Steadfast 
  • 2004-2005    President, Marcia Lawson - Theme:  Body & Soul: An Extreme Makeover
    Vice President, Donna Ford; Secretary, Gypsy Harrill; Treasurer, Marcia Lawson; Hardin Valley Rep, Eileen McAllister; Division St Rep, Mary Hoss; Blount Co Rep, Rhonda Mattingly; Magnolia Rep, Nancy Wright 
  • 2005-2006    President, Michelle Coggins/Barbara Bailes - Theme:  Building Relationships
    Vice President, Donna Ford; Secretary, Gypsy Harrill; Treasurer, Marcia Lawson; Hardin Valley Rep, Eileen McAllister; Division St Rep, Mary Hoss; Blount Co Rep, Rhonda Mattingly; Magnolia Rep, Nancy Wright  
  • 2006-2007    President, Donna K. Ford - Theme:  Embracing Change
    Vice President, Gypsy Harrill; Secretary, Marcia Lawson; Treasurer, Mary Hoss; Hardin Valley Rep, Barbara Bailes; Blount Co Rep, Randy Atkins; Division St Rep, Lisa Fondren; Magnolia Rep, Nancy Wright  
  • 2007-2008    President, Lori Warneke - Theme:  Stepping Outside of Your Comfort Zone
    Vice President, Jennie Braden; Secretary, Yolanda Roebuck; Treasurer, Karen Ghezawi; Hardin Valley Rep, Gwen Miller; Blount Co Rep, Alberta Boring; Division St Rep, Cathy Hurrell; Magnolia Rep, David Jones  
  • 2008-2009    President, Jason (J.J.) Patterson - Theme:  Stepping It Up A Notch: Shake, Rattle and Roll
    Vice President, Susan Lovingood; Secretary, Aneshia Brown; Treasurer, LouAnn Vahcic; Hardin Valley Rep, Kathy King; Division St Rep, Cathy Hurrell; Blount Co Rep, Alberta Boring; Magnolia Rep, David Jones 
  • 2009-2010    President, Karen Henry - Theme:  Funding the Future
    Vice President, Gypsy Harrill; Secretary, Wendy Floyd; Treasurer, Kaye McCartt; Hardin Valley Rep, Heather Duby; Blount Co Rep, Rhonda Mattingly; Division St Rep, John Cochrane; Magnolia Rep, Patricia Rogers 
  • 2010-2011    President, Annette ElDridge
    Vice President, Michael Ryion; Secretary, Terri Hagwood; Treasurer, Cindy Hicks; Blount Co Rep, Rhonda Mattingly; Division St Rep, Marcia Coleman; Hardin Valley Rep, Barbara Bailes; Magnolia Rep, Linda Reid 
  • 2011-2012    President, Annette ElDridge
    Vice President, Tanza Leatherwood; Secretary, Yolanda Roebuck; Treasurer, Marcia Lawson; Hardin Valley Rep, Cindy Hicks/Jessica Davis; Division St Rep, Marcia Coleman; Blount Co Rep, Rhonda Mattingly; Magnolia Rep, Patricia Rogers 
  • 2012-2013    President, Kathy King - Theme:  Service Through Support
    Vice President, Tanza Leatherwood; Secretary, Heather Duby; Treasurer, Marcia Lawson; Hardin Valley Rep, Lori McGregor; Division St Rep, Nancy Wright; Blount Co Rep, Rhonda Mattingly; Magnolia Rep, Patricia Rogers; Strawberry Plains Rep, Catt Adaska 
  • 2013-2014    President, Michelle Miller - Theme:  Change Brings Opportunity
    Vice President, Nancy Sutton; Secretary, LouAnn Vahcic; Treasurer, Karen Ghezawi; Hardin Valley Rep, Lori McGregor and Stacie Bradley; Division St Rep, Lisa Fondren; Blount Co Rep, Rhonda Mattingly; Magnolia Rep, Patricia Rogers; Strawberry Plains Rep, Catt Adaska
  • 2014-2015    Chair, Nancy Sutton - Theme:  Making the Most of Our Opportunities
    Secretary, Lisa Nipper; Treasurer, Lori McGregor; Harding Valley Rep, LouAnn Vahcic; Division St Rep, Allison England; Blount County Rep, Rhonda Mattingly; Magnolia Rep, Patricia Rogers; Strawberry Plains Rep, Catt Adaska
    This year marked the College's 40th Anniversary.
    "Did We Make the Most of Our Opportunities?" Link to the accomplishments of the 2014-2015 Support Staff Council 
  • 2015-2016    Chair, Nancy Sutton - Theme:  Reaching Our Goals, Hand in Hand
    Secretary, Lisa Nipper; Treasurer, Annette ElDridge; Harding Valley Rep, LouAnn Vahcic and Michelle Miller; Division St Rep, Marcia Coleman; Blount County Rep, Rhonda Mattingly; Magnolia Rep, Patricia Rogers; Strawberry Plains Rep, Catt Adaska
  • 2016-2017    Chair, Annette ElDridge - Theme:   Giving Today; Changing Tomorrow
    Secretary, Tara Cajuste/Lindsey Patrick; Treasurer, Angela Pugh; Hardin Valley Rep, Kristi Brabson and Angel Gardner; Division St Rep, John Cochrane; Blount County Rep, David McNeil and Kassandra Mether; Magnolia Rep, Patricia Rogers; Strawberry Plains Rep, Catt Dees
Support Staff Council has facilitated more wonderful and challenging events and activities than could be mentioned in a ‘Brief History’ but they remain in the memories of those who shared them.
Working together to accomplish excellence on our jobs through teamwork, promoting trust and accountability through camaraderie, is what Support Staff Council is all about.  It is still ‘like a family,’ as it was referred to by its earliest members, in that, some years the Council is more fruitful and cohesive than others, but loyalty to the College, its students, administrators and faculty is unyielding.  This is a diverse group of individuals with many talents and skills who present themselves as a unified and dedicated voice for Pellissippi State’s Support Staff.


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