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It is SSC's pleasure to say our co-worker Kristi Bradson has graciously agreed to be our Person Of Interest this April.  Kristi is a Human Resources Assistant in our HR Department.

Thank you Kristi for agreeing to be our Person of Interest for April.  You put a smile on the face of each person you greet and we are happy you are a part of our PSCC family!

POI April Kristi Bradson 

Q.   Camp in your RV or a tent?

A.   When I went camping years ago, it took several people to help set up our tent.

Q.   What is the ‘thing you did’ that your family is always reminding you about?

A.    The time that my cousin and I collected bees in a jar.  This one particular time I forgot the lid and used my hand to cover the jar.  My cousin went back for the lid and the bee stung me.  My grandfather took the stinger out and treated my hand with tobacco.

Q.    What was the last experience you’d like to share that made you a stronger person?

A.    I think my father’s death has taught me a lot. First, you never take anything for granted and second, you take one day at a time.

Q.   Your favorite memory or childhood object you still have?

A.    My Big Bird radio that was given to me at five years old.

Q.   What is your favorite thing about your career?

A.    I enjoyed interacting with other people and learning different things.

Q.   What makes you laugh the most?

A.   Good jokes.

Q.   What is your biggest fear?

A.   Spiders

Q.   Would you rather ride a bike, ride a horse, or drive a car?

A.   A horse