Natural and Behavioral Science
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Student Testimonials

"The 2+2 program at Pellissippi is a wonderful program. I believe that the classes I took at Pellissippi, as well as the upper level classes I am now taking through Tennessee Tech are really preparing me for the classroom. The professors really teach material that you can use in your future classroom. It is so great that students are able to visit in an elementary classroom their very first semester at Pellissippi. This provides them with an assurance that they really want to be a teacher and the confidence to know that they can be a teacher… If I had to do it all over again, I would still pick the 2+2 program. I have met so many wonderful people and professors along the way. I could not imagine doing it any other way."

—Jody Harris


"I didn't realize how much I had really learned during the 2+2 program until I began the practicum in the classroom. Even though it was only the first semester of the program, I felt like I had been teaching for years. I can't believe how much interaction I had with the students as a pre-service teacher. Simply put, choosing the 2+2 program was one of the best decisions of my life!"

—Charlie Arp


"The three main benefits of the A.S.T. degree program are the knowledgeable staff, the hands-on experiences it provides, and the convenience of the program's location. The teaching staff not only knows their curriculum inside and out, but they also bring years of personal field experience to the classroom. An exciting aspect of this program is the opportunity to spend time each semester teaching in local elementary schools. As an older student, I appreciate the convenient fact that I have been able to go to school at the same small campus for all four years."

—Sally Riley