Testing Center Usage for Faculty

The Testing Center is available for all faculty to use. While we are not set up to accommodate your entire class without prior arrangement with our director, we have the resources to meet almost all of your testing needs.

To correspond with the Testing Center, please do not send e-mails directly to testing personnel, but use the testing center listserv:

You will need to fill out the Standard Exam Authorization Form before we can test any of your students. The form can be found online by logging into My Pellissippi and clicking the Faculty tab. The form is listed under “Additional Links.” You can also pick up paper copies from any Testing Center and from the Testing Office (Hardin Valley, ERC 120A).

Please fill out the authorization form completely, especially the “Allowable Aids” field. We cannot allow students to use any resource not listed under Allowable Aids. If you need to add to/change that information after submitting the form, email the testing listserv.

If you have more than three students who need to take the same test, please attach an alphabetized roster to your authorization form. If you need to add students to the roster after sending it to us, email the testing listserv.

If your test is paper/pencil and you have more than three students testing, we ask that you print out test copies for the testing centers to use. Your name must appear on the test copy itself. Separate answer documents must have your name and a place for the student’s name and test date.

We take test security very seriously. Students are required to present a valid photo ID (we ask for the Pellissippi ID) before they can test. Cell phones are not allowed in the Testing Center. Students are monitored while testing and all paperwork, including scratch paper, is collected before a student leaves. Exams are stored in locking cabinets and are transported through campus mail (when necessary) in locked bags. Passwords are not shared with students at any time.

We are happy to test students who receive testing accommodations. We have Kurzweil, Natural Reader, Zoomtext, and other accommodations programs available for students who need them. However, tests for accommodations students must go through SSWD. The exception is students who only need extra time. We do not calculate the extra time ourselves; you must do this and indicate it in the “Time Limit” section of the authorization form.

Timers are available for students to use to keep track of their time while testing. Testing personnel cannot time students exactly, but usually within one-five minutes. A wall clock is in the Testing Center. The proctor will stamp or write the start time on the test when the student checks in, and will stamp or write the finish time when the student turns in the completed test.

You will need to pick up and check out your completed tests from the Testing Center or Testing Office.