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Exit Testing

All Tennessee community college graduates are required to take an exit exam called the ETS Profile, or EPP. When you meet with your advisor in your next-to-last or last semester about graduation requirements, your advisor will register you for the exit exam.

The exit exam is not part of your grade for any class, and your score does not affect your ability to earn your degree. However, you must complete the exam in order to be eligible for graduation and to receive your diploma.

The EPP tests your skills in college-level reading, writing, mathematics and critical thinking. The exam consists of 36 multiple-choice questions and takes about 75 minutes to complete. If you’re interested, you can view sample questions.

The exit exam helps Pellissippi State assess our courses and degree programs and make improvements as we need to. We encourage you to try your best on the exam. If you try your best, we get the proper results to help us determine how well we’re doing.

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