Testing Center Policies and Procedures

Please review Testing Center Usage Policies and Examinee Misconduct before you arrive for your first test. Note that our policies have recently changed. If you have any questions or concerns, ask your proctor before you begin your test, or contact our office. Rules concerning what is not allowed in the Testing Center (e.g. cell phones, watches, etc.) are strictly enforced. Testing Center computers are monitored electronically and the Testing Center may be under video surveillance.

How the Testing Center Works (for students; instructor information is here):

Students should check with their instructors regarding test availability, or stop by the Testing Center during our regular open hours. We cannot check test availability for students over the phone.

Pellissippi students must bring their Pellissippi photo ID to enter. Non-PSCC students must bring a valid government-issued photo ID.

Please only bring the items you need for your test into the Testing Center. Lockers for personal items are available on the Pellissippi Campus; the lockers lock with a quarter and will release your quarter back to you when you insert the key and turn it to the right.

Read the Testing Center Policies carefully before you come to test. Our policies have recently changed. No electronic devices are allowed in the Testing Center, whether or not they work or are turned off. This includes cell phones, all watches, flash drives, and fitness tracking devices (like Fitbit). Hats/caps are not allowed in the Testing Center (exception: headgear worn for religious reasons). Students may only use Testing-supplied writing implements and scratch paper.

You should arrive in time to finish your test before the Testing Center closes. The Testing Centers will not allow a student to begin a test within thirty minutes of closing.

Present your ID and tell the proctor which instructor you are testing for. If you do not know your instructor's name, you can go to the library reference computers to look up your class schedule. Scan your Pellissippi ID when the proctor tells you to do so. The proctor will give you information regarding your test, including how long you have to take it. Students are responsible for tracking their own time while testing, although the proctor will give you a timer. Clocks are clearly visible in the Testing Centers. When you have finished your test, follow your instructor's directions for submitting online or bring paper/pencil test materials to the proctor. Scan out before leaving.

Testing Center Usage Policies

  • No personal items. That includes:
    • No cell phones, watches (analog, digital, or smart), fitness trackers (such as Fitbits), flash drives, or other electronic devices.
    • No backpacks, purses, etc.
    • You must show the proctor any allowed test materials (do not carry them in a bag). All materials will be examined by proctors.
    • No hats/caps. (Exception: headgear worn for religious reasons.)
    • No food or drink.
  • You may not use your own writing implements or scratch paper. These are supplied by Testing and must be turned in to a proctor before you leave.
  • You are responsible for securing your belongings. You may not leave them in the proctor room.
  • The Testing Center does not provide quarters for lockers.
  • Once you receive your test, you may not leave the Testing Center without submitting your test to the proctor. You may not leave the Testing Center and return to finish your test later.
  • Violation of Testing Center policies will result in your immediate dismissal.

Examinee Misconduct

  • Giving or receiving unauthorized assistance of any kind
  • Using any aids (books, notes, calculators, computers, websites, etc.) that are not authorized in writing by the instructor
  • Attempting to take an examination for someone else
  • Failing to follow examination regulations or instructions of the staff
  • Causing a disturbance of any kind
  • Removing or attempting to remove questions and/or responses or notes (in any format) from the Testing Center
  • Attempting to remove scratch paper from the Testing Center
  • Tampering with the operation of the computer or attempting to use it for any function other than taking the examination
  • Sharing a calculator with other examinees
  • Sharing notes with other examinees
  • Talking with other examinees during an examination

Engaging in misconduct may result in a failing grade and further disciplinary action, including but not limited to suspension of Testing Center privileges.