Transitional Studies
Pellissippi State Art Department

College Success

College Success is a course designed for college students of all ages and diverse academic backgrounds to empower individuals to reach their educational, career and life goals. This class introduces students to a wide range of strategies, techniques and self—management tools commonly recognized to lead to success. Topics include time management, memory techniques, academic skills enrichment, note—taking skills, test taking skills, financial planning, and help in selecting or clarifying a major. With various assessments, students identify learning and personality styles to develop personal, academic and career goals and construct action plans to achieve them. This course is for college—level credit and is designed to transfer.

Required Materials (needed by the third day of class) 

  • Notebook (3-ring binder, 2 inch) this will be your portfolio. Twelve divider tabs for your notebook that you label with:
    1. Introduction
    2. Self-Assessment
    3. Career Assessments
    4. Planning
    5. Memory
    6. Reading
    7. Notes
    8. Tests
    9. Thinking
    10. Communication
    11. Technology
    12. Extra Credit/Miscellaneous
  • Notebook paper or printer paper, if you type your notes and print them, so you can put the notes you take in your portfolio
  • Highlighter
  • Flash drive
  • Time planner. Your time planner will be graded.
  • Three small folders with prongs and pockets for your group project, career project, and Academic Plan.

Course Content

Student Listening
  • COURSE ORIENTATION: Introduction to Learning
  • FIRST STEPS: Self-Assessment and Learning Styles
  • PLANNING/TIME: Setting Goals and Managing Time
  • MEMORY: The Memory Process, Memory Strategies
  • READING: Active Reading and Comprehension
  • NOTES: Active Listening, Note-Taking
  • TESTS: Preparing for Tests, Test-Taking Tips, Test Anxiety
  • THINKING: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  • COMMUNICATING: Effective Communication Skills, Communicating Orally and in Writing
  • DIVERSITY/TECHNOLOGY/MONEY: Diversity, Conducting Electronic Research, Library Orientation, Finances
  • WHAT'S NEXT: Transition to Work, Career Exploration, Service Learning
  • GROUP PRESENTATIONS: Developing Effective Presentations; Group Dynamics, Teamwork
  • OTHER TOPICS: Career Exploration., Job Shadowing, Registration, Advising, Online learning