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Learning Support English

Students in English Class

The Learning Support English program is designed to teach students essential writing skills necessary for success in introductory college-level courses. Students enrolled in our writing courses will encounter a learning environment in which student-centered instruction and technology facilitate efficient, effective strategies for good academic writing. Classroom instruction includes hands-on, real-world writing scenarios, one-on-one instructor attention, and collaboration among students. Learning Commons tutoring includes one-on-one assistance from instructors and student mentors and access to all necessary technology tools. Strategies for writing include focus on the writing process, use of technology tools such as Inspiration, MS Word, D2L, the Internet, and various web tools to aid with documentation and revision of assignments.

We believe that success with academic writing entails hard work, reflective thought, and a positive attitude.

Shell Course Descriptions

The following two courses are sometimes called “shell” courses because they are worth zero (0) credits but provide a designated instructor as well as a time and location to meet. See chart below for registration information.

ENGL 0800: Learning Support English
ENGL 0810: Learning Support English
ENGL 0820: Accelerated Writing—MUST be taken with ENGL 1010

students in english class

Course Descriptions

The following courses are each worth one (1) credit. See chart below for registration information.

  1. ENGL 0801: Sentences & Paragraphs
  2. ENGL 0802: Paragraphs
  3. ENGL 0803: Reports
  4. ENGL 0804: Informative Essay
  5. ENGL 0805: Argumentative Essay

Placement in Courses

New students enter the course determined by the Placement Test. Returning students enter at the first of any remaining uncompleted courses.

Use the following chart to determine the courses for which you must register:

Register for shell course Also register for course(s)
ENGL 0800 ENGL 0801, 0802, 0803, 0804, 0805
ENGL 0810 ENGL 0802, 0803, 0804, 0805
ENGL 0820
ENGL 1010
ENGL 0804, 0805