Web Technology at Pellissippi State

Web Technology at Pellissippi State gives students hands-on experience designing webpages and developing websites.

At Pellissippi State, we offer an Associate of Applied Science in Media Technologies with a concentration in Web Technology, as well as five web-related certificates. Regardless of the route you choose, you can be sure your Web Technology classes will be taught by professionals who have worked in the industry and know what the industry wants.

Our Web Technology students have the added advantage of being able to take all but two of their required courses online, if they choose. This format is attractive to both younger students who are digital natives and to older students who have limited time for traditional college classes due to jobs and family responsibilities.

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Knoxville is a significant producer of media in the United States, which gives Pellissippi State students who want to stay local ample opportunities to work in their field upon graduation. With its project-based curriculum, Pellissippi State prepares students for the workforce from the start, with their hands on a computer the very first day of class.

In the Web Technology concentration, students collect their best work into a professional portfolio so that they are ready to meet employers upon graduation. A required internship not only gives students real-world experience, but also has landed some students their first full-time jobs in the field.

View a complete list of courses needed to complete the degree from the following College Catalog link:

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