The Academic Banners

Pellissippi State Community College

Pellissippi State has ten academic banners. The first (left) symbolizes the College as a whole and is blue and gold, the school colors. The nine other banners (below) represent the major academic units of the institution: Business and Community Services, which is the non-credit division, and the eight academic departments—Business and Computer Technology, Engineering and Media Technologies, English, Liberal Arts, Mathematics, Natural and Behavioral Sciences, Nursing and Transitional Studies. The academic banners carry the traditional colors of the various disciplines, as well as blue and gold.

Business and Community Services

Business and Community Services has at its core education's light blue and the commerce drab of accountancy and business, a fitting combination for a school associated with bringing training to business and industry and lifelong learning to the community. Accents are technology blue and economics copper.

Business and Computer Technology

Business and Computer Technology brings together the skills needed in the world of commerce and industry. Technology blue is evident in the color set, as is the commerce drab of accountancy and business.

Engineering and Media Technologies

Engineering and Media Technologies
Engineering is represented by the color orange. The interdisciplinary study of Media Technologies which encompasses video production, sound engineering, photography, graphic design, and web design is represented simply by the color blue. The colors are intersected by the Pellissippi State color of yellow gold which represents wisdom.


English is a key liberal arts discipline and is represented first and foremost by the traditional white. Journalism crimson is added to signify the dissemination of ideas and information.

Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts have long been associated with the color white, yet the discipline is a broad one. It encompasses languages, humanities, and social sciences (white), philosophy (dark blue), fine arts (brown), communications (silver gray) and music (pink).


Mathematics, the study of quantity, structure, space, and change, is represented by the color of science gold which is intersected by the blue of Pellissippi State.

Natural and Behavioral Science

Natural and Behavioral Sciences combines the colors of sage green and science gold. Sage green is associated with physical education, while science gold represents both natural and behavioral science.


Nursing is represented by apricot, a color long associated with the helping profession. The color sage green represents health and rehabilitation.

Transitional Studies

Transitional Studies prepares students for college studies by providing instruction in several different disciplines. These disciplines are represented by the color science gold for mathematics and the color white for English. These are the foundational disciplines upon which higher learning rests.

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