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Students are classified as In-State or Out-of-State residents by an admissions clerk based upon information in the application for admission.

The State of Tennessee establishes student residency regulations. Basically, the regulations state:

  • Students receiving parental support are classified according to parental domicile.
  • An student independent of parents (including students who are over age 23, in the military, married, emancipated and/or who have children) may establish in-state classification by producing clear and convincing evidence of Tennessee domicile. Proof must be provided that the move to Tennessee was not primarily for obtaining educational opportunities for themselves, their dependents or a spouse. It is difficult to show that a move to Tennessee is incidental to attending Pellissippi State if you move to the state and immediately enroll at the college within a short period of time.

If you are currently classified as ‘In-State Non-Verified” (within myPellissippi), you do not need to complete an Application for In-state Residency. We simply need verification of US Citizenship or equivalent. More information about acceptable documentation can be found here.

Appeal for In-State Classification

Students who have been classified as Out-of-State, or whose status is unclear, may submit an In-State Residency Application. Completing this application does not guarantee that you will be classified as In-State for tuition purposes.


Frequently Asked Questions

If I am under age 23, not emancipated, but my parents no longer claim me for income tax purposes, am I considered to be independent of my parents’ domicile?

A person may be financially dependent on his/her parents for purposes of determining domicile even if parents are not claiming the student for income tax purposes. Failure to claim a qualifying relative as a dependent does not, in and of itself, establish that the child is financially independent. The student needs to document that he/she has income independent of parents sufficient to support themselves. Income and classifications that are NOT considered to be “independent financial support” include:

  • Income obtained from parent-financed, guaranteed or co-signed loans
  • Gifts from parents
  • Property purchased by parents
  • College funds, 529 plans, trust funds or savings plans set up for a student by parents
  • Being classified as a dependent on the FAFSA


What if I obtain a Tennessee driver’s license and register my car in Tennessee?

Residency requirements for obtaining a driver’s license and auto registration are different from residency requirements for tuition purposes.


My parents are divorced and one parent lives in Tennessee. Do I qualify for In-State classification for tuition purposes?

Yes. Students of divorced parents qualify for In-State classification for tuition purposes even if the parent that lives in Tennessee does not have primary custody of the student. A student who falls into this category has to complete an In-State Residency Application and submit this, along with supporting documentation to the residency classifier, proving parents are divorced and one parent is domiciled in Tennessee. 


If my parents are not divorced and one resides in Tennessee, do I qualify for In-State classification for tuition purposes?

No. If only one parent lives in Tennessee but your parents are not divorced, you do not qualify for In-State classification for tuition purposes.


What happens if I am currently attending college as an In-State student and my parents move out of state while I am enrolled?

As long as you remain continuously enrolled you will not lose your In-State classification (continuous enrollment is defined as Fall and Spring semesters, but not necessarily Summer).


What if I have other relatives living in the Tennessee?

Relatives living in Tennessee that are not supporting parents will not provide criteria for changing Out-of-State classification for tuition purposes. 


What if I am active duty military and I am not stationed in Tennessee, or I have only recently been discharged?

If your ‘Home of Record’ is Tennessee and you are currently active duty military stationed out of state or abroad, you or your dependents qualify for In-State classification for tuition purposes. Documentation showing this information would need to be provided to the residency classifier to receive this waiver.

If you are recently discharged or retired military and your ‘Home of Record’ is Tennessee on your DD-214 you do not have to pay Out-of-State tuition, provided you immediately domicile and remain domiciled in Tennessee after separation from the military.  

Separated or retired military whose ‘Home of Record’ is not Tennessee need to provide information, similar to other independent students, showing the move to Tennessee is for other reasons than attending a college/university.


Will I gain In-State classification after I have attended Pellissippi State for one (1) year?

Enrolled Out-of-State students do not acquire domicile in Tennessee while attending Pellissippi State regardless of the length of time a student is enrolled. A presence in the state of Tennessee to attend a higher educational institution does not provide permanent domicile but is considered a temporary residence for educational purposes. The presumption is the student is residing in the state primarily for educational benefits regardless of how long the length of stay. Attending an educational institution as a student does not provide In-State classification after 6 months, a year, or more.


I understand that Tennessee does not have a durational component to their residency requirements. Does that mean if I move to Tennessee prior to the start of classes I will be considered In-State for tuition purposes?

Moving into your room, renting an apartment prior to attending, moving into a relative’s home, or relocating to any other place to live prior to the first day of school does not prove primary domicile required for In-State classification for tuition purposes.


If I am considered independent, what is the time period I must be living in Tennessee to be considered a resident?

Although Tennessee does not have a durational component regarding domicile for tuition purposes, an independent student moving to the state of Tennessee must have documentation showing they did not move to the state primarily for educational purposes. 

If an independent student moves to the State and immediately enrolls as a student it will be difficult to show that the move is incidental of attending Pellissippi State. Stating intent to remain in the state after attending school does not provide the documentable proof needed to show that your reason for moving is not primarily for educational purposes.


What if I am considered independent and my parents or other relatives live in Tennessee?

As an independent student, having parents or other relatives living in the State does not automatically change your Out-of-State status for tuition purposes. If you are over the age of 24 or you have established a primary domicile in another state, having parents living in Tennessee will have very limited value in determining your classification for tuition purposes.


What if I am currently an Out-of-State student but my parents move to Tennessee?

It is possible for a dependent student to gain In-State classification while attending as a full time student when their parents move to Tennessee permanently. 


What if I am an International Student or a non-United States Citizen?

International students holding a temporary visa or student visa are not eligible for In-State classification for tuition purposes. Non-U.S. citizens who have the status of lawful permanent resident or Asylee status are eligible to be classified In-State if they meet all other requirements for In-State classification as a dependent or independent person. Non-citizen parents of dependent students, spouses or legal guardians are expected to provide a copy of their Permanent Resident card or proof of Asylee status.

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