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Pellissippi Pantry

The Pellissippi Pantry provides access to healthy foods for members of the Pellissippi State Family who may be experiencing food insecurity. Since opening in May 2016, the Pantry serves an average of 130 participants a month (plus their household members) across all five campuses.

Participants may fill out a Pellissippi Pantry application.  To help maintain confidentiality, Pellissippi Pantry staff and volunteers fill orders by ID number rather than by name.

Beginning in Fall 2020, orders may be picked up once a month and participants may indicate if they would like to pick up on the Blount Co. Campus, Hardin Valley Campus or Magnolia Avenue Campus. Students closer to Division Street and Strawberry Plains are encouraged to pick up at the Magnolia Avenue Campus. Pick up dates and times are noted on the Pellissippi Pantry Application.

Each order contains a 5-day emergency supply of food. The order includes prepackaged food and fresh organically grown produce from the Hardin Valley Campus Garden (when available). Healthy recipes and information about community resources are often included with orders.


Support the Pellissippi Pantry

Volunteers: The Pellissippi Pantry has relied on volunteers to assist with stocking shelves, collecting campus donations and packing orders for pantry participants; however, during the Fall of 2020, we will not be utilizing volunteers in the Pantry due to COVID-19 restrictions.


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Financial Contributions

Donations have always been integral to the success of the Pellissippi Pantry and the Hardin Valley Campus Garden. Right now, the safest way to contribute to the pantry is through financial contributions. Those who would like to make financial contributions can do so via the Pellissippi State Foundation. Donors can choose either the Pellissippi Pantry or the Hardin Valley Campus Garden. Those funds will be utilized to purchase food from local grocery stores and items needed for the garden.

Another way to support the pantry is through the purchase of gift cards in $25 denominations from regional grocery stores (i.e. Food City, Kroger’s). These gift cards will allow us to send those directly to participants who may be unable to come to campus for a designated pick-up. Individuals who wish to donate gift cards need to complete and sign an in-kind form. You may sign the form electronically or mail it with the gift cards to:

Executive Director
Pellissippi State Foundation
P.O. Box 22990
Knoxville, Tennessee 37933

In light of the continued shortages from some of our suppliers, donating gift cards is a great option- allowing the participant to make their purchasing decisions. Remember that we must have your signed in-kind form (PDF) in order to properly document your donations.


Food Donations

For those who would like to make food donations, please contact us at for our updated policy regarding food donations and to schedule a drop-off date and time. All donations must be scheduled and drop off and storage will be in accordance with our guidelines. *Please note that there will be no donation boxes on any campus and the Pantry will not be accepting donations that are left at the Pantry.

Support our neighborhood Food City: To supplement our donations, we purchase our food from Food City at 11501 Hardin Valley Road. They also have pre-packaged bags available for their customers to purchase for donation to the Pantry.

Contact Us

Drema Bowers
Director of Student Care and Advocacy
Lamar Alexander Building
Room 202A

Sandra F. Davis
Student Care and Advocacy Assistant
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Cindy McCleary-North
Case Manager
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Sustainable Campus & Recycling Coordinator
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