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Internships are an important part of the curriculum at Pellissippi State. Students with a Business and Computer Technology (BCT) major are required to successfully complete an internship to graduate. Students reach beyond the classroom to gain practical work experience relating to their field of study. Participating employers are introduced to motivated students with the latest job skills who will soon be entering the workforce on a full-time basis.

Internships are available in the following areas of study:

STUDENTS: We hope this site will answer your questions about internship requirements in your major. We intend to provide you with important information needed to apply for an internship, easy access to forms used during the internship, and connect you to additional resources which provide guidance in job-search skills.

EMPLOYERS: We especially welcome employers and other guests who want to know more about the growing trend of employers and colleges partnering to provide real work experience and training for students in their major field of study. We are so sure you will want to be a part of this very beneficial practice, we have included a Request An Intern form for your use.

Documents and Forms

  1. Getting Started
  2. Information Sheet
  3. Time Sheet
  4. Student Evaluation of Internship

Sally LighterFor more information please contact:

Sally Lighter, Coordinator
BCT Internships
Office: McWherter 251
Phone: (865) 694-6597
Fax: (865) 694-6426

Contact Us

Dr. Michael Wolfe, Dean

McWherter Building, Room 252A
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Yolanda Roebuck, Dept. Assistant
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