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At Pellissippi State, cohorts are unique pathways through which you can earn a degree. Cohort pathways are available at many of our campuses and some utilize evening, weekend or online classes.


Accelerated Pathway Cohorts

Some degree programs and certificates are offered as Accelerated Pathway Cohorts, which arranges classes in block schedules that simultaneously let part-time students complete an associate degree in the same amount of time a full-time student could: i.e., two years.

Accelerated Pathway Cohorts often have short semesters (sometimes as short as five weeks) and longer classes (sometimes several hours), and classes might meet in the evening, on weekends or even online. Accelerated Pathway Cohorts are designed to meet the needs of busy adults and working parents.

Degree programs and certificates offered in Accelerated Cohort Pathways:

Fall Semester Start Date Cohorts

Spring Semester Start Date Cohorts

The general education core requirements of an associate degree are also offered as an Accelerated Pathway Cohort. Students who finish the general education core cohort path don’t earn a degree, but they’re guaranteed that all of their core classes will transfer to a public Tennessee higher education institution.


Guided Pathway Cohorts

Some Transfer degree programs are offered as Guided Pathway Cohorts, which means they are block-scheduled. Guided Pathway Cohorts give you a clearly defined completion path for you degree.

Degree programs offered in Guided Pathway Cohorts:

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