Your major & Your Career

Link Your College Major & Your Career - If you know what career you are interested in, continue your research to learn about a degree or certificate that is required in that field. If you have a particular interest in one college major, research the various jobs that are held by graduates with that major.

Use the TNTransferPathway website to determine the degree(s) required for your specific career choice - find out which colleges will prepare you to go on and achieve your goals.

TN Transfer Pathways

Contact your Advisor or a Counselor if you still don't know what you want to major in. Academic Advisors and Counselors are available to discuss the various programs and certificate options available.

Online Resources

Strategy Tips for Deciding on a Major - Take time exploring different areas of study.

Collegeboard - Major and Career Profiles

Shatterbox- A video-based social community for students and young professionals to find inspiration and share ideas about innovative careers.

The Career Project - An interactive career profile database that allows you a personal and uncensored look into thousands of real careers and jobs. - Explores over 400 careers that commonly require higher education for entry or advancement. Summarizes education levels, salaries, personality traits, required skills and more. Lists colleges by career for each US state.

Federal Employment Information Fact Sheet - Federal jobs by college major. Keep in mind that you can qualify for a large number of federal jobs with a degree in any academic major.

MySkills MyFuture and My Next Move - Two resources from the US Department of Labor. The first helps career changers find careers with similar skills to their last positions, and the second helps people explore what they want to do for a living.

Resources for employment opportunities and preparation for entering the workforce; resume writing, mock job interviews, job etiquette and additional information may be found at the Placement Office.