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Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment is a way for high school juniors and seniors to earn college and high school credit for the same course, simultaneously. It lets you get a head start on college and can even help you save money in the process. Your college-level Dual Enrollment course may be taught at your high school or at one of our campuses.

It’s important to remember that Dual Enrollment courses become part of your permanent college transcript. Potential Dual Enrollment students should demonstrate maturity, responsibility, and initiative — and should be academically prepared to succeed.

How To Qualify

For any general education and business class, students must have an unweighted high school GPA of 3.0 and meet minimum requirements for ACT, PreACT, SAT or PSAT scores (PSAT and PreACT scores are only accepted for high school juniors):

  • ACT/PreACT score of 18 in English and 19 in Reading
  • SAT / PSAT score of 500 in Evidence-Based Reading and Writing

Students with a 3.6 unweighted high school GPA are exempt from entrance testing. This applies to all courses expect for higher-level math and science courses.

Qualifications for some courses are unique. Students who wish to take a specific class, particularly in math or science, may need to meet additional ACT/PreACT or SAT/PSAT minimum scores in mathematics.

MATH 1530: Introductory Statistics
MATH 1010: Math for General Studies
Biology, Human Anatomy & Physiology, and Botany
Most business courses

MATH 1130: College Algebra

MATH 1710: Precalculus Algebra

MATH 1730: Precalculus

MATH 1910: Calculus

Payment & Financial Aid

Tuition for Dual Enrollment students at Pellissippi State is $181 per credit hour, though some courses have extra fees that may cover equipment or lab materials.

Many Dual Enrollment students qualify for financial aid through the Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation Dual Enrollment Grant. Dual Enrollment students aren’t eligible for federal financial aid.

Information for Parents

Dual Enrollment courses — whether taken at your child’s high school or on one of our campuses — will be part of your student’s permanent college transcript. Your student will be treated like any other college student. And remember, per the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, Pellissippi State professors and administrators can’t speak with you about your student’s attendance, grades or other issues unless your student signs a Disclosure of Records Form.

Dual Enrollment Admission Checklists

  1. Apply to Pellissippi State
  2. Apply for the Dual Enrollment Grant
  3. Complete Immunization Waiver (parent signature required)
  4. Ask your high school or home school to send your transcript and ACT scores to Pellissippi State.
  5. Register for classes (only for students taking classes on a Pellissippi State campus)
  6. Pay any remaining tuition or fees
  1. Apply for the Dual Enrollment Grant
  2. Register for classes (only for students taking classes on a Pellissippi State campus)
  3. Pay any remaining tuition or fees