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Entrance Testing

Entrance Testing

Entrance testing helps ensure that you take the appropriate classes in your first semesters of college. If your entrance test shows that you need additional development in college-level skills in reading, English and math, then you may be placed on corequisite remediation courses. These are college-level courses with supplemental instruction to help bring you up to speed.

Who needs to take an entrance exam?

If you are a new student, or a student transferring to Pellissippi State from another college, you can present either a valid ACT or SAT score (from a test taken in the past five years) or you can take an entrance exam. Students who have previously attended Pellissippi State and are re-enrolling will be placed in classes based upon their previous college-level placement, or will be encouraged to take another entrance test if they have been out of college for more than three years. In addition, if your ACT or SAT scores do not indicate college readiness, you may take an entrance exam to try to “test out” of corequisite remediation courses.

If you are unsure if you need to take an entrance exam, call 865-694-6400.

ACT Minimum College Level Scores
English            18
Reading          19
Mathematics    19

SAT Minimum College Level Scores
EBRW score of 490 for Writing and 500 for Reading
Mathematics score of 500

English 450
Reading 460
Mathematics 460

Accuplacer Minimum College Level Scores
Writing            250
Reading          250
Mathematics    250

Pellissippi State administers two types of entrance exams, the ACCUPLACER and the Michigan Test.

What is the ACCUPLACER?

  • Is an untimed computer-based placement test that assess reading comprehension, writing, and math.
  • Each section takes approximately 45 minutes to complete.
  • Help us place you into the proper courses that get you where you want to go.

Inside the ACCUPLACER:

  • Students can only take this test once, so practice is highly encouraged.
  • The number of questions depend on which ACCUPLACER tests you take. There could be as few as 14 questions or as many as 20.
  • No one passes or fails ACCUPLACER tests, but it is important to complete the test using your best abilities so that you can be placed into the correct courses.

What is the Michigan Test?

  • It is for students who speak English as a second language.
  • Students may take this exam or provide English as a Foreign Language Test (TOEFL) or International English Language Testing System (IELTS) scores.
  • This test comprises a 100-item multiple choice exam covering reading comprehension, grammar and vocabulary.
  • It takes approximately 75 minutes to complete.

Preparing for Placement Testing

Give yourself the best chance to do well by studying for these exams. Learn about the structure of the ACCUPLACER exam and what you need to know to do well. Take as many practice tests as possible.

Pellissippi State students can sign up for an entrance exam in myPellissippi. Be sure you read the Entrance Testing Procedures before your test, and be sure to adhere to the regulations. Bring your valid government-issued ID and know your P Number.

We offer the Accuplacer and the Michigan Test by appointment, but you can view available testing dates ahead of time. Sign up for the entrance exam in myPellissippi. If you need accommodations for a disability, please contact Disability Services at 865-694-6411.

To keep your test secure and to maintain confidentiality, the following policies and procedures must be followed. Whether you are a Pellissippi student or not you must comply with these regulations.

What should I bring to the test?

  • School or government issued ID (passport, identification card, driver’s license)
  • Pen/pencils

What should NOT be brought to the test?

  • Personal calculator
  • Cell phone, iPad, smart watch

When will I get my test result?

  • Test results will be given immediately after the test.

What is the procedure when I arrive, take my test and leave?

Arrive 15 minutes before test time. If you are more than 30 minutes late for the test you will be required to reschedule.

Present your photo ID to the proctor. Your proctor will provide information about the test, scratch paper if needed, and your P number if you do not know it.

Once you have started your test, you may not leave the room without submitting your test to the proctor. You may not leave the room and return to finish your test later.

When you have finished your test, follow the proctor’s instructions before leaving the test room. Turn in all hard copy materials, including scratch paper before leaving the room.

What happens if I violate a policy?

Any violation of the above policies will result in dismissal from the test and you will be asked to reschedule your test at a later date.

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