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Final Exam Schedule


  • Examinations for 5, 7, and 10 week sessions will be held during the last scheduled class period.
  • Nursing examinations will be arranged by the Nursing Department.
  • Applied Music examinations will be arranged by the music department.
  • Four and five-day classes will follow the MWF schedule.
  • Two-hour daytime MW, WF, and MF classes will follow the MWF schedule.
  • Laboratory examinations will be given during the last scheduled lab period.
  • Hybrid M or W or F classes will follow the MWF schedule and T or R classes will follow the TR schedule.
  • All examinations will be held in the regularly assigned classrooms.

Fri., April 28: Friday night classes meet at the regularly scheduled class time 6:15-9:15 pm on
April 28, 2023 for final exams.

Sat., April 29: Saturday classes meet at the regularly scheduled beginning time for final exams.

Class Day(s)Class TimeExam DayExam DateExam Time
MWF0835-0930 amMondayMay 10800-0950 am
MWF1045-1140 amMondayMay 11000-1150 am
MWF1255-0150 pmMondayMay 11230-0220 pm
MWF0305-0400 pmMondayMay 10230-0420 pm
MW0750-0915 pmMondayMay 10630-0820 pm
M0615-0915 pmMondayMay 10630-0820 pm
TR0910-1030 amTuesdayMay 21000-1150 am
TR1225-0145 pmTuesdayMay 21230-0220 pm
TR0340-0500 pmTuesdayMay 20230-0420 pm
TR0500-0615 pmTuesdayMay 20430-0620 pm
TR0750-0915 pmTuesdayMay 20630-0820 pm
T0615-0915 pmTuesdayMay 20630-0820 pm
MWF0730-0825 amWednesdayMay 30800-0950 am
MWF0940-1035 amWednesdayMay 31000-1150 am
MWF1150 am-1245 pmWednesdayMay 31230-0220 pm
MWF0200-0255 pmWednesdayMay 30230-0420 pm
MW0435-0555 pmWednesdayMay 30430-0620 pm
MW0615-0740 pmWednesdayMay 30630-0820 pm
W0615-0915 pmWednesdayMay 30630-0820 pm
TR0730-0850 amThursdayMay 40800-0950 am
TR1045 am-1205 pmThursdayMay 41000-1150 am
TR0200-0320 pmThursdayMay 41230-0220 pm
TR0615-0740 pmThursdayMay 40630-0820 pm
R0615-0915 pmThursdayMay 40630-0820 pm