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Procedures for Building Alterations, Additions and Renovations

In an effort to maintain a safe and healthy environment for the students, visitors, faculty and staff of the College, and to ensure compliance with Local, State and Federal guidelines and regulations, all alterations, additions, renovations, or reconfigurations to college buildings and structures must be approved by the Director of Facilities. This will include, but not be limited to:

  1. Removal of existing walls and/or partitions.
  2. Construction of new walls and/or partitions.
  3. Reconfiguration of existing furniture, and/or new installation of furniture.
  4. Changes in the intended use of rooms or spaces within buildings.
  5. Any alteration, addition or renovation that may affect Local, State or Federal guidelines and regulations regarding Life and Safety issues.

Prior to the commencement of any building or structure alterations, additions or renovations, the following procedures must be followed:

  1. Any alterations, additions, or renovations must comply with all applicable fire codes, safety and health regulations, ADA requirements and any other applicable codes and regulations.
  2. Any plans and specifications related to such alterations, additions or renovations should be coordinated through the Facilities Department to assure compliance with all applicable Safety and Health guidelines and regulations.
  3. All plans and specifications, including preliminary and final, shall be submitted to the Facilities Department for review and approval. Drawings should be to scale or indicate dimensions as needed to assure compliance with applicable codes and regulations.
  4. A Room Reconfiguration Request form should be submitted in order to obtain departmental and budgetary approval for your requested project.