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Housekeeping services includes daily cleaning of common areas (hallways, lounges, cafeteria), classrooms, and restrooms. Offices are cleaned on a weekly schedule as follows:

Wednesday - All 3rd floor offices
Thursday - All 2nd floor offices
Friday - All 1st floor offices

If your office trash needs emptying prior to your scheduled day, please set it in the hallway outside your door and it will be emptied as the hallways are cleaned or you can empty it in one of the large gray trash cans located in the hallways labeled “TRASH ONLY.” Boxes or other trash that is not in a can, must have “TRASH” written on it to ensure it is discarded and to avoid any items being thrown away by mistake.

The Performing Arts Center and the Goins Auditorium are on a clean as needed basis. Any times these areas are to be used, an email must be sent to the housekeeping list serve to ensure they are cleaned after each use.