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Preventive Maintenance Plan

The Pellissippi State Community College Preventive Maintenance (PM) Plan has been designed to protect college assets and extend the life of college equipment, enabling us to provide uninterrupted service to our customers, the students, faculty, and staff. It is our desire to maintain equipment before it fails, replace equipment before it reaches its projected life span, and anticipate problems before they become emergencies.

The Maintenance Scheduler will identify all college equipment to be scheduled for cyclical maintenance on the PM service system. Generally, any equipment that consists of moving parts or contains components consisting of moving parts, or components that have predictable life spans, should be included in the preventive maintenance program.

Once a determination has been made to perform regular preventive maintenance on a piece of equipment, the equipment must be labeled and numbered. Information about the cycle schedule, location, equipment number, and a description of the maintenance to be performed will be noted. Specifications about the equipment (i.e. part #, model #, serial # etc.) that may be useful in replacing the equipment at the end of its projected life span will also be noted by Facilities.