Exterior of the Facilities Physical Plant building
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blue tanks with pipes

Snow and Ice Response Plan

It is the policy of this college to maintain high standards of safety on campuses at all times. This is particularly true during the winter season when ice and snow is prevalent. When the college is open, campus walkways shall be kept free of ice and snow and maintained in a safe condition throughout the scheduled day. Snow and ice removal, when required, shall begin in time to assure that main walkways are clear and safe by the scheduled start of classes and/or business day.

Priority for snow and ice removal shall be:

  1. Primary campus walkways
  2. Campus access roads
  3. Parking lots

The Physical Plant will be responsible for managing snow and ice abatement. Snow and ice removal will be conducted by a combination of college staff and outside contractors. Services of outside contractors will be secured before the winter season through a competitive bid process. The College's snow and ice response is set into motion by notification from either the Director of Facilities, or Maintenance Scheduler.