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Accounts Payable

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Accounts Payable General Information

The Accounts Payable office generates, prints, and disburses operating and travel checks. Petty cash reimbursement checks are also printed for reimbursements over $75. 


  • Purchase orders are matched with invoices and receiving documents, audited for accuracy, then vouchered for check preparation.
  • Invoices are not vouchered until the financial manager or designee has verified receipt of acceptable service or merchandise.
  • All invoices are payable within 45 days.


  • Travel claims are matched with approved travel requests, receipts are audited, then vouchered for check preparation.
  • All travel involving overnight lodging or travel outside of Tennessee requires an approved travel request prior to travel.
  • Receipts are required except for meals which are reimbursed at per diem rates.

Petty Cash

The petty cash process operates as follows:

  • Purchases are limited to $500 per day, (increased amount with prior approval) per Index number.  
  • Sales tax is not reimbursed for college purchases.
  • Gift Cards of any kind cannot be purchased through Petty Cash.
  • Employees locate and pay for the needed items.  Note:  Services and Memberships cannot be reimbursed using petty cash.  A purchase order must be issued for services and/or memberships of any type.
  • Employees complete a petty cash form in PelliBiz, attach scanned original receipt(s), and forward for financial approval.  Receipts must show details of items purchased and type of payment.
  • After review and audit by Business Services staff, all employees are reimbursed by direct deposit.
  • Non-Employee reimbursements are by direct deposit or check
  • The department is charged.

NOTE: Original receipts must be retained by payee for a period of 3 years or through a state audit cycle. Failure to produce original receipts will require the payee to reimburse the college for payments received.

Arranging for payment after merchandise has been received

  • Please be certain that the merchandise is correct and working.
  • Enter receiving in PelliBiz.
    • By entering the receiving of the purchase order, the financial manager or designee indicates that the order has been received and is correct.
    • The receiving should be entered in PelliBiz within 10 days after receipt of the order to expedite prompt payment. The Accounts Payable office will compare the invoice to the partial receiving report or key-rec form. If the invoice matches the order received, a partial payment will be processed.
    • No invoice will be paid in full or in part until the receiving has been entered by the responsible staff member in PelliBiz.
    • Once the receiving has been entered in PelliBiz, payment will be made within 4-5 working days. The Accounts Payable Office processes checks on Tuesday and Thursday of each week.