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Default Aversion

At Pellissippi State, we do our best to ensure our students graduate in healthy financial shape.

If you’ve had to take out a loan to attend college, our Default Aversion team can work with you to help you better understand how loans work, your repayment options, how to avoid delinquency and the consequences of defaulting.

If you don’t know when your loan will become due, or if you’re worried that you may not be able to make your next payment, contact us.


Manage Your Loans

Every borrower’s situation is unique. The U.S. Department of Education's Federal Student Aid site is a great resource for tips on successfully managing student loans. Find information about loan counseling, types of loans and repayment options as well as a repayment calculation, which can help you estimate your monthly payments, interest and more.


If you have questions about a private loan, contact your loan provider or servicer:


Great Lakes



EdFinancial Services


Career Services

Successful loan repayment is often tied to successful job placement. Our Career Services Office can help you find internship or career opportunities. You can also use Career Coach to research careers, salary ranges and corresponding academic majors.


Financial Literacy Library

We’re here to help you make sound financial decisions — and one way we do that is by providing you with financial literacy information. We hope this info guides you in the right financial direction, whether it’s related to loan repayment, budgeting or even applying for scholarships.

You may also follow the steps in the video below to help navigate through your myPellissippi financial aid account.


Transit Financial Literacy

The Transit Financial Literacy program helps prepare you for financial success by evaluating your financial habits and developing a plan. This free program is available to you at Pellissippi State.

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