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Financial Aid - Visiting, Certificate & Non-Degree Students

Pay Tuition & Fees

All students — even those who don’t receive financial aid — are responsible for paying Pellissippi State tuition and fees by our deadlines, or risk having their schedules deleted. Tuition and fees are paid to the Cashier.

If you have questions about financial aid, or believe you qualify for financial aid, call 865.694.6400.

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Non-Degree Students

If you are a student who wishes to take classes at Pellissippi State — but who does not wish to earn a degree from us or from another institution — you are a non-degree student. You may be auditing classes, or simply taking credit classes for personal enrichment. Audited classes and non-degree classes cost the same in tuition as classes taken for college credit.

Non-degree students don’t qualify for financial aid, but may have unique advising requirements.

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Certificate Students

Certificate Students are those who wish to earn a standalone certificate, not a certificate that is embedded in an associate degree program. Certificate students don’t qualify for financial aid, but may have unique advising requirements.

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Visiting Students

If you are enrolled at another higher education institution and are taking a credit class at Pellissippi State, or if you are taking classes but are not enrolling in a degree or certificate program, you are a visiting students. The financial aid package for which you are eligible at Pellissippi State is determined by your home university or college through consortium agreements.

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Consortium Agreements

If you are taking a credit class (or two) at Pellissippi State while you are simultaneously enrolled at another college or university — for the purpose of having the credit hours from Pellissippi State transferred back to your home university — you may qualify for a special financial aid arrangement.

A consortium agreement is a contract between two colleges or universities that recognize the registration of a student at each institution for financial aid and credit transfer purposes. What this means, in short, is that only one of the two colleges or universities will administer Title IV financial aid for you. The institution that administers your financial aid for tuition and fees is your “home school” — the school where you are fully admitted or where you will earn your degree. In this case, Pellissippi State is your “host school” — the school where you are taking classes with the intent of transferring them back to your home school.

As your host school, Pellissippi State does not and cannot provide financial aid for your tuition and fees. However, your home school may have a consortium agreement with Pellissippi State that will cover your tuition and fees while you’re here. Any such arrangement is decided by your home school. If you want more details, contact the financial aid office at your home school.

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