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Alumnus: Curt Maxey

As a longtime research and development staff engineer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Curt Maxey used to joke that he was worse than a grandparent when it came to his interns and should have a sign outside his office: "Do NOT ask me about my interns!"

Maxey, who retired from ORNL in 2015, mentored many college students over the years, setting them on course to achieve lofty goals such as building robotics for NASA. Throughout his career, Maxey would eat lunch with the interns, building relationships that last to this day.

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group of people holding various skulls and bones

Faculty: Judy Sichler

Anthropologist Judy Sichler knows a little something about the things we leave behind.

Now the associate professor at Pellissippi State has decided what legacy she will leave the College: a planned gift to benefit the college students yet to come.

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Community friends: Ruth and Steve West

When Steve West was growing up in Maryville, there were few viable options to keep the best and the brightest from moving away after graduation.

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Let Us Know

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Charitable Bequest

A charitable bequest is one of the easiest and most flexible ways that you can leave a gift to the Pellissippi State Foundation.


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Gifts of Securities

Donating appreciated securities, including stocks or bonds, is an easy and tax-effective way for you to make a gift to the Pellissippi State Foundation.


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Gifts of Retirement Assets

Donating part or all of your unused retirement assets, such as your IRA, 401(k), 403(b), pension or other tax-deferred plan, is an excellent way to make a gift to the Pellissippi State Foundation.



Gifts of Insurance

A gift of your life insurance policy is an excellent way to make a gift to the Pellissippi State Foundation. If you have a life insurance policy that has outlasted its original purpose, consider making a gift of your insurance policy.


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Beneficiary Designation Gifts

A beneficiary designation gift is a simple and affordable way to make a gift to support the Pellissippi State Foundation. You can designate us as a beneficiary of a retirement, investment or bank account or your life insurance policy.


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Patents, Royalties or Copyrights

Patents, oil and gas royalties, music royalties, copyrights, and similar assets are termed "intangible personal property" and can provide an income stream to the Pellissippi State Foundation.


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Donor Advised Funds

A donor advised fund is a savings account for philanthropy. Donor advised funds are simple to open, provide a charitable tax deduction whenever money goes into the account, and are easy to grant/gift money to a favorite cause when the donor is ready to do so.


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Gifts of Real Estate

Donating appreciated real estate, such as a home, vacation property, undeveloped land, farmland, ranch or commercial property can make a great gift to the Pellissippi State Foundation.






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