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The history faculty at Pellissippi State Community College is committed to interpreting the past in such a way as to make our future more global in scope. While investigating our own culture, we must encourage tolerance as we study the diverse civilizations that inhabit the planet with us. The discipline makes every effort to cover all aspects of history including economic, cultural, religious, and political concerns in every course.

Male speaking on stageAmerican History 2010 and 2020 provide American students with a basic understanding of our country's past and introduce international students to the American world-view. An alternate view of American history is available through African-American History 2040. Western Civilization 1010 and 1020 move beyond American concerns to address the broader perspective of the Western (European) world, and World History 1110 and 1120 provide students with a basic introduction to the civilizations of Japan, China, India, and Africa as well as Europe and the Americas.

Many of the Pellissippi State history courses constitute a survey approach in trying to give a broad view of the areas of study. But, the discipline is also interested in focusing on specific special topics in a post-hole type approach of studying the past. For instance, a course might research a war or a particular civilization. We offer different modes of instruction as well including traditional face to face classes, web courses, hybrid sections that blend both land instruction and online features, and team teaching of relevant history classes with courses from other disciplines such as coupling a history section with an English class.

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Several history faculty members regularly participate in professional activities such as teaching for Tennessee Consortium for International Studies (TnCIS) in a variety of countries during the summer semester and creating enlightening lectures for the Pellissippi State Faculty Lecture Series offered to the entire college.

All students can benefit from the history courses offered at Pellissippi State whether the aim is to enrich oneself intellectually, to learn how to think analytically, or simply to complete the basic history requirements before transferring to a four-year university. Essentially, the history discipline of Pellissippi State strives to accomplish any or all of the goals outlined above in a stimulating educational environment.