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Variations, Pellissippi State's chorale students


Students majoring in journalism, public relations, broadcasting, or advertising can earn an Associate's degree while satisfying requirements from four-year universities for the first two years of Bachelor's work. Pellissippi State has articulation agreements in place with the University of Tennessee at Knoxville for all three of these areas. In addition, our students have transferred to such institutions at Middle Tennessee State University (known for a high-quality mass communications program) and are doing well.

Since courses are designed to transfer to a four-year university, they provide a solid grounding in theory. They also provide practical skills in writing for publication and broadcast. Students in the mass communications programs have an advantage in the opportunity to double major in a university parallel program (journalism, public relations, broadcasting, or advertising) and in a technical program, a combination which gives skills for immediate employment as well as a basis for continued academic work and an overview that helps lead to advancement in the chosen field.

Faculty within the program have actual experience in their fields and often are professionals currently involved in journalism, broadcasting, or advertising. Students learn about issues and developments within the field from both texts and teachers who stay current. The emphasis is on producing self-directed learners who are able to continue their own education and help their own society to deal with the Information Age.