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Does your degree require a Mathematics class or classes?

Mathematics classes in college are not the same as those in high school, and in many ways are more challenging. As a student, you'll have to adjust to a faster pace, an emphasis on learning concepts and processes and being responsible for your own time.

To ensure your success as a student, it's important that you take a math course that you are ready for. Taking a class you have been placed into will give you the best chance to reach your goals. Taking a class you aren't ready for could be the difference between passing and failing the course.

If your degree requires certain math courses, be aware of the Math department’s prerequisite and testing requirements.The student’s valid ACT Math or SAT Math score that is five years old or less is used got placement into co-requisite courses with the advice of an advisor. A student can challenge that placement by taking the ACCUPLACER test and scoring 250 or higher. If a student is not successful, then only one retest is allowed. An advisor can assist with further placement challenges.

You may need to take a prerequisite class or placement exam before taking the class you desire.

Keep in mind that not all Mathematics classes are offered every semester, and many require prerequisites. The Math Department strongly recommends that all students pass all prerequisite classes with a grade “C” or higher.

For more information about math curriculum, please visit the College Catalog. For questions about placement, please contact the Advising office.

Should I take an online math course?

Mathematics classes can be challenging, and online classes may be particularly difficult, since they require time management skills, reading comprehension and computer skills. To help you succeed, it might help to answer questions in a self-assessment before considering distance learning or online mathematics classes.

  • Are you able to spend at least 6 to 9 hours each week on your online math class?
  • Have you been successful in other math classes in a lecture setting or online?
  • Will you read ALL of the specific course requirements to understand what is expected of you?
  • Will you read ALL of the emails and discussion messages initiated by your instructor?
  • Will you contact your instructor if you have any questions or concerns?
  • Will you develop a plan to meet due dates and deadlines?
  • Do you have a computer, internet access and basic computer skills?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, an online mathematics class is likely not in your best interest. Current online students should keep in mind that Pellissippi State’s Mathematics Department allows a third attempt at an online math course only with the advice and recommendation of the instructor.