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Welcome to the Mathematics Department

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"If you can dream it or think it, then you have envisioned it. If you have envision it, then you must expect it to be true. If you expect it to be true, then you must enact it to realize the desired outcome." - Terry Gibson


The mission of the Mathematics Department at Pellissippi State Community College is to provide students the opportunity to develop mathematical and analytical skills necessary to attain educational goals and pursue lifelong learning. To fulfill this mission, the Mathematics Department provides:

  • College mathematics courses through the associate’s degree level
  • Educational support for students, including instruction in the appropriate use of technology
  • Professional growth opportunities for the faculty

Pellissippi State’s Math Department offers courses for students pursuing degrees in teaching, engineering, business and other areas of study. Classes are as varied as Math for General Studies, Geometry for Teachers, Matrix Computations and Differential Equations. Mathematical skills may be refreshed by taking co-requisite classes, which are taken alongside the entry college-level courses of Introductory Statistics, Math for General Studies, Introduction to College Mathematics and Trigonometric Applications. Pellissippi State is an institutional member of the American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges, and many department faculty are actively involved in the Tennessee Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges.