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Student Orientation

Student Orientation

Welcome to Pellissippi State!

We are excited that you’ve chosen Pellissippi State Community College to start or continue your education. Student Orientation is designed to help you become familiar with the many student services available at the College and to connect you with other new students, faculty, and staff.

Because Student Orientation is so vital to student success and starting strong, we REQUIRE that all degree-seeking students complete Student Orientation prior to entering Pellissippi State.

Students Entering in Spring 2023

Complete the following three steps: (Hint: You will need to know your Pellissippi State username and password to log into orientation.)

Step 1

Complete the self-paced Online Orientation portion!
Here you will discover essential information about deadlines, important dates, and college resources. You will also learn how to navigate the Pellissippi State website.

Step 2

Attend an On-campus Connection Orientation portion at the campus of your choice!
At your specific orientation, you will receive a campus tour, meet staff and faculty, attend a resource fair, and connect with fellow students.

Step 3

Meet with your Success Coach!
Your Success Coach will assist you in setting and achieving your college goals.


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