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Course Equivalency Comparison Chart PSCC Course to DensoTN

Course RubricsCourse TitleCredit HoursDensoTN Equivalent (Original Course Code)DensoTN Equivalent (New Course Code)Contact Hours
ENST 1340Machine Tool Technology3TCH 147 Working with MetalsTEC0885 Working with Metals24
   TCH 162 Finishing IntermediateTEC0899 Industrial Finishing40
   TCH 270 Metal WorkingTEC0941 Metal Working40
   TCH 262 Measurements TEC00933 Measurement Intermediate8
   Total HoursTotal Hours72
ENST 1362Industrial Printreading3TCH 130 Blueprint Drawing/ReadingTEC0877 Blueprint Reading40
   TCH 131 Industrial MathematicsTEC0878 Industrial Mathematics40
   Total HoursTotal Hours80
ENST 2361Fluid Power Systems3TCH 253 Pneumatics Intermediate TEC0924 Pneumatics Intermediate40
   TCH 257 Hydraulics IntermediateTEC0928 Hydraulics Intermediate24
   TCH 260 Fluid PowerTEC0931 Fluid Power40
   Total HoursTotal Hours80
METC 2320Mechanical Systems Designs3TCH 144 Preventive MaintenanceTEC0882 Preventative Maintenance8
Or  TCH 160 DENSO Machine StandardsTEC0897 DENSO Machine Standards16
ENST 1360Mechanical Power Transmission TCH 170 Industrial Physics TEC0906 Industrial Physics24
   TCH 249 Machine ElementsTEC0920 Machine Elements24
   TCH 269 Electromechanical Devices*TEC0940 Electrical Mechanical Devices*24
   TCH 329 Advanced TroubleshootingTEC0950 Advanced Troubleshooting 40
   TCH 352 Special Machine Assembly TEC0973 Special Machine Assembly40
   Total HoursTotal Hours176
ENST 1350Industrial Safety3Any DENSO safety related training courses that equal 60 contact hoursAny DENSO safety related training courses that equal 60 contact hours60
METC 2399Special Topics3TCH 346 Special Team ProjectTEC0967 Special Team Project120
ENST 2390Capstone Total HoursTotal Hours120
ENST 2390Capstone32000 OJT hours2000 OJT hours2000
EETC 2331PLC I3TCH 272 AB ControlLogix 5000TEC0943 AB ControlLogix 500024
   Total HoursTotal Hours40
EETC 2350 Integrated Robotics3TCH 377 RC8 6-Axis RobotTEC0993 RC8 6-Axis Robot40
   Total HoursTotal Hours40