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DSST Credit by Exam

DSST Credit by Exam (formerly DANTES)

Taking the Defense Activity Test and Examination Services Subject Standardized Tests (DSST) can shorten the time it takes to earn your degree, can allow you to skip general introductory courses, and can even satisfy a proficiency requirement by demonstrating that you’ve already mastered the content. The DSST can reduce the number of courses you need to graduate, saving hundreds of dollars in tuition. The DSST offers a way to receive credit for “what you know.”

To get information on DSST individual exam student guides: DSST Get College Credit.

To schedule a DSST exam, register through The DSST exam fee is $85 and the Pellissippi State testing fee is $30. Submit passing DSST score(s) to the Records Office.

Below you will find the DSST subject and general examinations with their required scores.

Test TitleMinimum ScoreCredit Hours AwardedPellissippi State Course
Fundamentals of College Algebra503MATH 1130
College Algebra
Principles of Statistics483MATH 1530
Introductory Statistics
Art/Western World483ART 2020
Art History Survey I
Ethics in America463PHIL 1040
Introduction to Ethics
Lifespan Developmental Psychology493PSYC 2130
Lifespan Psychology
Introduction to Business463BUSN 1305
Introduction to Business
Principles of Finance463BUSN 2320
Business Finance
Human Resource Management463BUSN 2340
Human Resource Management
Introduction to Computing453CITC 1301
Intro. to Programming & Logic
Principles of Public Speaking473COMM 2045
Public Speaking
Principles of Supervision463BUSN 2330
Principles of Management
Organizational Behavior463BUSN 2330
Principles of Management