Female student at career fair talking with 2 female recruiters
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Male student talking with male recruiter for AMS at career fair.

Student Resources

interview process with man and womanThe Career Services Office at Pellissippi State assists in preparing students for their job search. Student services include opportunities for career-related work experience, career fairs, job placement assistance, career and employment counseling, resume writing and interviewing assistance.

Registering with the Career Services Office is essential to receiving maximum assistance in finding employment. Graduate and cooperative education job placement assistance are not automatic services. Each student in a two-year technical associate degree program is required to register with the Career Services Office when completing the Intent to Graduate Process through myPellissippi.

Resume Writing

Each resume is unique to the individual. Education, work experience and community service varies greatly from one individual to another. The Career Services Office will help design the best resume to represent you.


Interviewing Resources, Techniques and Mock Interviews

Are you ready to interview? Do you have an interview coming up and aren't sure on how to prepare? Is your interview a virtual/on-line interview? Below are links to some YouTube videos and other resources that provide tips on how to prepare, questions that may be asked, how to act in a virtual interview setting, and resources for job hunting, career development and guides.

The Career Force: Zoom Tips for Interviews

BigInterview: How to Answer: Tell Me About Yourself (also check out other BigInterview videos about interview questions)


The Muse: www.themuse.com
Career advice/resources: www.themuse.com/advice

The Career Services Office offers interviewing advice and ideas. In addition, mock interviews are offered to interested two-year technical associate degree students and graduates.


Cooperative Education

When a student has earned 15 credit hours in their major he/she may apply for the cooperative education program. These hours must be in the major field of study. For example, an Engineering Technology major would need 15 Engineering hours. English, History, etc. do not apply toward the 15 hours. Once the student has the required 15 hours he/she may fill out the co-op paperwork and have their resume submitted to employers looking for part time employees in their field of study. When the student begins the co-op position, cooperative education hours will be earned and applied to the transcript.

The cooperative education process gives the student experience in their field of study and experience for their resume when they begin a job search upon graduation.

A variety of services related to student and graduate employment are provided by Pellissippi State. Workshops on resume writing, interviewing, and job search strategies are offered free to our students and alumni. The Career Services Office also compiles and maintains student credential files to send to prospective employers. Students who take the initiative to fill out and submit their credentials before graduation have an advantage when employers request files for potential candidates.