Frequently Asked Questions about Navigate for Employees

What is Navigate? 

Navigate is a mobile application and a desktop site that supports student success from orientation to graduation. The technology allows them to explore majors, find important campus resources, and meet important dates and deadlines — right in the palm of their hand. 

 Navigate also offers faculty, advisors and administrators comprehensive information about student progress and success utilizing the following components of the technology: 

  • Appointments scheduling – a comprehensive scheduling tool that syncs with their Outlook calendar.
  • Progress reports - provide feedback on students academic progress.
  • Early Alerts – allow faculty and advisors to submit specific behavioral issues or academic concerns about students.
  • Academic Plans – a planning tool for both students and advisors.
  • Interest survey – short survey designed to assist students in defining their major.


Why are we implementing this system?  

In 2019, leaders across campus were challenged to identify ways to Integrate the Student Experience at Pellissippi State (InSTEPS) as part of our strategic plan to increase retention and graduation rates. The plan included the implementation of a technology platform that would support the sharing of information across departments and improve students’ access to campus support and resources.  

Navigate will fulfill this need by providing students with a practical guide to resources on campus and more transparency on deadlines and requirements. The tool will also allow employees to better advise students based on a complete view of their status with the college and to create timely warnings when a student does not complete important steps to advance in their Pellissippi State career.


How will this help me? 

Navigate provides users a holistic view of students’ progress at the college and makes student information easily available, sortable and actionable. It also helps connect students to support services across campus.  


How will this improve the student experience? 

Navigate provides students with an actionable “To Do” list that will create momentum for students and keep them moving toward their completion goals while keeping students engaged with the college. Some of the benefits students will experience: 

  • Clearly Defined Timelines for Completing Tasks: The Navigate app provides up-to-date information on deadlines throughout the student lifecycle from onboarding to graduation. 
  • Assistance with Choosing a Major: Access to an interest survey that assists students in defining their major.
  • Links to Student Support Services: A comprehensive list of campus resources from financial aid to academic advising to tutoring that are available anytime on their mobile device or desktop.
  • Financial Services Support: Critical reminders prompt students to complete their FAFSA and pay tuition.
  • Student Engagement and Leadership Resources: Information on getting involved on campus and engaging socially and culturally with the campus community.


How will this support retention? 

Navigate provides an opportunity to engage students comprehensively throughout their experience as a Pellissippi State student. It offers an improved holistic view of a student’s profile at Pellissippi State. Faculty, staff and administrators will be able to provide support to students through information sharing and comprehensive outreach programs designed to promote student success from orientation to graduation. Navigate provides a complete picture of the student’s progress toward their goal and where they may need more support to reach those goals both academically and non-academically. 


Who should use Navigate? 

All students, advisors, faculty, and staff will use Navigate to some extent based on their role at the college. 

Summer of 2020 all functions will be launched except for some college-wide features including registration.

All students are encouraged to download the app. information sessions and training sessions are being offered in Spring 2020. Locations, dates, and times will be announced through the Faculty/Staff List-Serv.


Is it an app or a desktop website? 

Navigate has both a desktop site and mobile application. Students will primarily interact with Navigate through a mobile app. Faculty, advisors and staff will primarily use the desktop application through Google Chrome. 


What are added benefits and capabilities? 

Students have access to a mobile app that will prompt them to complete onboarding requirements, make appointments, communicate with advisors using their phone, and eventually register for classes. Faculty and advisors can create appointments that sync to their Outlook calendar, issue alerts for student success, and push information to students about various support programs or learning opportunities. 

The implementation of the technology is continuing and completion is planned for Fall 2020. 


Will we still use MyPellissppi? 

Yes, we will continue to use MyPellissippi.  


Should I direct students to use Navigate? 

Yes, Navigate desktop and mobile application is available to all students.


How up to date is the information in Navigate? 

Navigate updates student records and information every 24 hours. 


What type of information does Navigate report? 

Navigate is connected to Banner and gathers pivotal student information, such as majors, transcripts, GPA and enrollment data. Faculty and staff can track and report on student interactions and flag students who are experiencing challenges.  


Who will have access to student information in Navigate? 

Faculty and advisors are able to see information about their students in Navigate. Administrators have access to all pertinent student information.  


Who is required to enter information about students in Navigate? 

Faculty advisors and advisors are required to create contact summaries concerning their student appointments.  


How do I log in to Navigate? 

Faculty/Staff login is available in the InSTEPS box on the Faculty tab of MyPellissippi. Staff can log in at


Where can I find Navigate help? 

When you log in, you will find helpful resources provided by Navigate on the top right corner of your browser. If you are having trouble logging into your account, contact the HelpDesk.